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Sleep RX

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Sleep RX | Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

And even though many individuals have troubles with getting enough sleep, there are many more who are suffering from insomnia or from restless sleep. Sleep RX from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals might be a significantly better solution than counting sheep.

What Is Sleep-Rx?

Sleep-Rx, the initial all-natural, side-effect free sleep aid that works well the first occasion and every time! Sleep-Rx contains a quantity of natural herbal extracts that have been documented to safely promote normal sleep in over 200 clinical studies.

The Ingredients In Sleep-RX

  • The ingredients being combined together make Sleep-RX product effective and powerful.
  • Valerian extract (root)
  • Kava extract (root)
  • L-theanine
  • Paeonia lactiflora (whole plant)
  • Ziziphus spinosa extract (whole plant)
  • Wild lettuce extract
  • N-acetyl-5-methyoxytrptamine

Other Ingredients: Take 2 tablets thirty minutes prior to bedtime.

Benefits of Sleep RX

Unlike other sleeping supplements and OTC medications, Sleep RX from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals contains only 100 % natural ingredients like valerian and kava. These ingredients aren’t habit forming and they’re not going to leave you with a feeling of grogginess each morning, when taken as instructed. They enable you to relax your body and your mind in order to go to sleep and stay asleep longer.


Don’t allow sleepless nights ensure you get your morning off to a rough start. Sleep-Rx will allow you to fall asleep faster, will be able to work to help you sleep better by promoting sleep for the entire night and you’ll wake up prepared to take on another brand new day. Sleep-Rx could be the right move against sleeplessness and restlessness!