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Last Updated: April, 2021

Are you looking for best sleep pillow? In order to come up with the top sleep pillow, we have analyzed 304 products available in the market.

Top 3 Best Seller Sleep Pillow

Top 10 Sleep Pillow – Editor’s Choice

Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow by Coop Home Goods Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow by Coop Home Goods
sleep pillow by Coop Home Goods
Our Reviews
  • A comparison of the most reviewed pillow on Amazon & the “best” pillow according to the internet
  • Comfortable feel—no neck pain or headache—great support
  • Side sleeper comfort-rivals Brookstone Biosense side sleeper pillow
  • So far so good–replacement for feather pillow plus cervical pillow roll
  • BTW, new pillow is a queen size and was a very tight fit in a standard pillowcase.
  • minus the odd shape; this one is just a regular looking pillow which is nice.
  • The filling is all good shredded memory foam material – not a bunch of random torn up foam garbage.
  • The first was amazing, the second had an off-gassing smell that lasted over a week.
  • They’ve kept their shape extremely well so far, which is awesome.
  • This worked perfectly and the pillow was dry in about one hour.
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My Pillow Classic Series Now Available in 4 Loft Levels by MyPillow My Pillow Classic Series Now Available in 4 Loft Levels by MyPillow
sleep pillow by MyPillow
Our Reviews
  • Be patient and a quality pillow only is effective with a quality bed
  • These are nice pillows, kinda of strange though.
  • This pillow replaced all 3, Correct fill is a must!
  • A friend recommended this pillow and it has helped tremendously.
  • At least in the early going, it’s working as advertised.
  • Well, the (med) worked fine for a year then a few months ago I graduated to the (firm) from Walmart for extra support.
  • Worth the price and definitely works as advertised.
  • Nice, long lasting, durable pillow.
  • The Best Pillow In The World and I Own One Now!!!!
  • These are nice pillows, kinda of strange though
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Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow (2-Pack) - Luxury Plush Gel Pillow by Beckham Luxury Linens Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow (2-Pack) - Luxury Plush Gel Pillow by Beckham Luxury Linens
sleep pillow by Beckham Luxury Linens
Our Reviews
  • Amazing pillows, especially for the price
  • Cool temperature, no mold, quality material
  • Good quality pillows with hotel-level comfort
  • Super comfortable. Adjusts to individual desires. Amazing!
  • Pillowcases fit nicely without a struggle [in other words cases were neither over or under sized].
  • The pillow has a good weight to it and it recovers it’s ‘fluffyness’ very quickly.
  • There was no mold! Opened them up and they inflated to a good size.
  • These had the same look and we rolled the dice with the queen size.
  • They seem durable and the material seems of good quality.
  • Within seconds of opening, the pillow fluffed up to full size and felt more firm within an hour.
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ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief, Back Pain, Leg Pain by ComfiLife ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief, Back Pain, Leg Pain by ComfiLife
sleep pillow by ComfiLife
Our Reviews
  • A great design for comfortable side sleep.
  • Back pain, NO SLEEP, Great Pillow!
  • Great airflow. Washable Cover. Good quality zipper.
  • Great for recovering from a knee replacement
  • His physical therapist recommended he put a pillow between his knees at night
  • Pillow works great. No more back pain at night
  • Very nice product for those who need to separate their knees when they sleep for back pain.
  • What an amazing customer sesrvice experience!
  • At a variety of high prices and middle ground this one sold me on the high reviews and price for a trial pillow.
  • Nothing worked to help the knee pain at night while trying to sleep.
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Snuggle-Pedic Original USA Made Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Snuggle-Pedic Snuggle-Pedic Original USA Made Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Snuggle-Pedic
sleep pillow by Snuggle-Pedic
Our Reviews
  • And the company has an excellent reputation for being easy to work with
  • Get the pillow cover with the pillow it makes such a difference
  • Great napping pillow. Can shift in the night and flatten for side sleepers
  • Impressive customer service and very high quality pillow
  • Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
  • Snuggle-Pedic is focused on customer satisfaction
  • Great product and a great company to deal with.
  • Really great quality product and high touch customer service makes this pillow a great value.
  • Relief Mart was FANTASTIC to work with and very helpful and prompt.
  • The directions that come with the pillow explain that the initial smell comes from foam that they use that is more eco-friendly, so that is great to hear.
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ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin 19 Momme 600 Thread Count by ALASKA BEAR ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin 19 Momme 600 Thread Count by ALASKA BEAR
sleep pillow by ALASKA BEAR
Our Reviews
  • Amazing deal for a beautiful silk pillowcase.
  • Awesome pillowcase high recommended
  • Fantastic pillowcase at a fantastic price point
  • Great quality, excellent value, luxurious, couldn’t ask for more!
  • One of the recommendations for women going through chemo is to sleep on silk pillowcases.
  • Seriously loving this face & hair saving pillow case.
  • Super Silky Pillowcase to Maintain Healthy Hair
  • This is a very nice pillowcase and is silky soft just as shown and advertised.
  • This is just as good as those way more expensive silk cases and at a fraction of the cost.
  • The silk pillowcase also looks good aesthetically, and the hidden zipper is a really nice feature.
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PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, U-Shape Full Body Pillow and Maternity Support by PharMeDoc PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, U-Shape Full Body Pillow and Maternity Support by PharMeDoc
sleep pillow by PharMeDoc
Our Reviews
  • A great pillow that benefits both partners.
  • Very helpful with back pain while sleeping not necessarily for just pregnant moms
  • Anyway, the pillow is of great quality — the support is perfect, not too firm or too soft.
  • Laying on top of it is way better than snuggling down into it.
  • Overall a great try for anyone who has back/side pain as well as pregnant women too.
  • Quality feels good too, no probs with mine.
  • Some other pillows are annoyingly bright in color and this fit me better.
  • The zipper sticks and snags, and usually takes a good 10 minutes just to close all the way.
  • This pillow gives me great support in laying right and not rolling into a position that causes me lower back pain upon awaking for the morning.
  • This pillow is so comfortable and it seems to be the solution to a better night’s sleep.
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QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow(Double Sided)-U Shaped Maternity Body Pillow by QUEEN ROSE QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow(Double Sided)-U Shaped Maternity Body Pillow by QUEEN ROSE
sleep pillow by QUEEN ROSE
Our Reviews
  • Back and neck pain has been 75% better with this.
  • Great Pregnancy Pillow for Improving Sciatica/Heart Burn
  • Perfect for reading in bed and sleeping comfortably!
  • Takes up half the bed so hubby is still fine, maybe just a little jealous lol
  • This is a great pregnancy pillow overall, coming from a pregnant women who’s suffering from pretty painful sciatica and heart burn and couldn’t get much sleep.
  • Using For Before and After Rotator Surgery- A Lifesaver!
  • With this pillow, even a pregnant stomach sleeper can get some rest
  • Great for the left or right side sleeper and the cover is washable.
  • The seams in the cover are nicely stitched & the zipper is easy to maneuver.
  • This helped the pillow grow to its original size and got rid of the smell.
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Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Combination by Snuggle-Pedic Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Combination by Snuggle-Pedic
sleep pillow by Snuggle-Pedic
Our Reviews
  • Almost perfect…maybe it will be!
  • Comfortable , soft, flexible. Professional company
  • Excellent, very comfortable, and very adjustable pillow made from the finer materials in the market.
  • Great customer service and a Great pillow!
  • Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
  • Wonderful pillow for proper neck support!
  • Besides the comfort the company is amazing.
  • Cost-wise, it’s right on par with other well-made king-size pillows.
  • Most pillows feel good for 2 weeks then become flat, lumpy, uncomfortable, etc.
  • They have the best trial period and warranty there is to offer.
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InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow & Headrest Pillow in ONE Package by InteVision InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow & Headrest Pillow in ONE Package by InteVision
sleep pillow by InteVision
Our Reviews
  • Best alternative to a hospital bed!
  • Good for chest/rib injuries while awake, not so great for side sleepers
  • Good solution for post-op shoulder surgery
  • Highly recommend for acid reflux AND/OR snoring issues!
  • Sleeping much better with this as opposed to stacking half a dozen pillows up.
  • This bed wedge is amazingly sturdy and well made.
  • This ramp works fine to sleep on; no more complaints of snoring
  • Works in an amazing way for something that has nothing to do with sleep.
  • This pillow, combined with research on sinus pressure points and self neck massage have helped greatly.
  • This wedge pillow worked great for that purpose.
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Some More Sleep Pillow – Less Preference

Here are some more sleep pillow that might be helpful. Search and compare directly from Amazon.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover, C Shaped Full Body Pillow Grey by PharMeDoc
Our Reviews
  • Best friend since second trimester
  • Great for lounging during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy sleep improved and easy to clean
  • So happy, life changer after spine surgery, great support, comfort
  • This pregnancy pillow has honestly helped me to sleep so much better.
  • Very supportive. Very comfy. Best money spent
  • Great price, amazing pillow and it comes with a pillow case which so many of them don’t.
  • Hubs tends to laying smack in the middle of the bed (queen size) some nights.
  • The pillow does not take up much space in our queen size bed.
  • This is a great product so far except for one thing: the zipper.

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Standard Size Pillow, Cervical Support Pillow by Sleep Innovations
Our Reviews
  • A softer more comfortable version of the original
  • although it is comparable in size and comes with a nice soft cover
  • Good sleep is essentially important for anyone
  • Great pillow with enough height.
  • Medium heavy stiffness, incredible pillow
  • Super comfortable; perfect contour for sleeping.
  • Just imagine that a regular sized contour pillow was cut in half, not miniaturized with the same proportions.
  • Since this product is using “open cell” memory foam, it makes better air circulation through the product.
  • The curvature for Sleep Innovations is just right and the firmness of the pillow is great.
  • This pillow compacts pretty well into his suitcase and goes along whether for work or leisure travel.

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full Size Body Pillow by Snuggle-Pedic
Our Reviews
  • Awesome body pillow (not a paid review)
  • Excellent Product made by an Excellent Company
  • Excellent value and high-quality design
  • Good quality, 120day return and/or personal customization. Great body pillow!!
  • Once the shrink wrap was removed, the pillow expanded to it’s full size within 10-20 minutes.
  • Quality Product (comfort and materials) and Excellent Customer Service
  • Relief, at last after years of terrible morning back pain.
  • relieves hip, knee and ankle pain for side sleepers
  • This is the most AMAZING body pillow in the entire world
  • This pillow is spectacularly comfortable and well worth the price

DreamNorth PREMIUM Gel Pillow Loft (Pack of 2) Luxury Plush Gel Bed Pillow by DreamNorth
Our Reviews
  • Been using this pillow for about 2-3 days so far and for a first impression it’s a very good pillow.
  • Execellent replacement for Feather Pillows
  • Extremely comfortable – both firm and cushiony. Recommended
  • Fabulous value and comfort – compare to more expensive products!
  • Great pillow, not too soft or firm, better for back or stomach sleepers
  • These pillows are soft, supportive and great for smaller people.
  • Very Comfortable and Durable Pillows – Great for Back Sleepers
  • Comes vacuumed sealed, pretty interesting to see it immediately expand to its full size after opening the air tight bag.
  • Each pillow came tightly rolled in a cylindrical shape in airtight plastic within a nice looking zippered bag.
  • Especially not being able to feel/test them out and just taking a chance online, these ones are great.

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows by EPABO
Our Reviews
  • Almost perfect dupe for more expensive Chiropractic pillow, good for neck pain and headaches
  • Excellent contour memory foam pillow
  • Great for Side Sleepers. Needs a little more neck support though.
  • Have only used it one night and know it takes a few nights of getting used to this pillow.
  • Neck and shoulder pain gone; great peaceful sleep
  • Outstanding customer service and a great pillow
  • Solution to Neck & Head Pain from Lack of Support
  • The design for this memory foam pillow are amazing.
  • Truly the BEST pillow for neck and shoulder pain! Customer Service outstanding too!
  • Well, sleeping is most important in life, which comfortable sleeping is definitely worth the value of price listed.

Cushy Form Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers - Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Leg Pillow by Cushy Form
Our Reviews
  • Excellent and comfortable product with many uses.
  • Having tried many of these, this is far and away the VERY BEST of all knee pillows.
  • Nice size and comes with plastic carrying case – perfect for overnight and travel
  • Perfect post back surgery knee pillow support
  • This was given as a gift to a good friend of mine and the feedback was very positive.
  • Because it is the right shape and conforms to the legs, it is much easier to keep in place while one is sleeping.
  • Due to the compact size of this pillow, it is also much easier to roll from side-to-side while sleeping.
  • The pillow is a big improvement over using a regular bed pillow and has stayed in place while sleeping.
  • This has granted me the ablility to have a great night of sleep and no more back pain.
  • This pillow is sized for smaller thighs than mine.

The Water Pillow by Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow Twin pack by Mediflow
Our Reviews
  • 5 months of use…neck pain & migraine relief!
  • A good nights rest with no neck pain at last!
  • First Night, Sweet Relief – Degenerated Cervical Disks
  • Get rid of neck pain w/ this supportive pillow
  • Great pillow for neck, back and shoulder pains
  • The most amazing pillow for bad backs and neck pains. Take a chance!
  • Better than other water fill pillows as it is better made and the quality of materials are suburb.
  • The instructions on how to fill the pillow are very good, even illustrated with pictures.
  • This pillow has made an amazing difference almost immediately.
  • Within the first couple nights I noticed a better night’s sleep and no problems with neck pain or anything.

Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow - (2 Pack Queen) Best Hotel Quality Comfortable by Sleep Restoration
Our Reviews
  • A perfect night’s sleep on these !!!
  • A true game changer for a great night’s sleep!
  • Good pillow for belly and side sleepers
  • Just a touch more filling maybe? It’s definitely soft and it’s a good price for 2 pillows.
  • The combination of gel and fiber seems to be what makes it work.
  • They can be reduced in size in one of those compression storage bags to almost flat.
  • They fit perfectly in the shams and will be nice to change it up into pillow cases for comfortable sleeping.
  • They have no smell at all which is great they were vacuumed closed so no water damaged ir mold.
  • Unopened, seemingly perfectly new and great condition.
  • When taken out, they quickly restore themselves to a nice, fluffy size.

Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow with Neck Support by Linenspa
Our Reviews
  • A very different, very good support pillow!
  • Best backrest, support, not hard, comfortable beyond belief
  • Comfortable, supportive and not too heavy, the perfect reading pillow!
  • Extremely Comfortable . Very Large. Seems well made. Cover is not removable
  • Good back support and the memory foam is very cushy while keeping a firm shape.
  • Plumped it up in a no-heat dryer and, that evening, settled with a great book and great anticipation for a comfortable read, and.
  • The arms seemed a little floppy at first, just work some of the filling from the back into the arm sleeves and it fills them out.
  • The last thing that impressed me was the price of the pillow was really affordable.
  • The price was right for something of this size and quality.
  • This pillow is great and supports her lower back.

Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs - 6 Pair, Value Pack by Mack's
Our Reviews
  • Amazing product for ear pain while flying!
  • Best earplugs out there! When used properly
  • Great find! So much more comfortable than foam earplugs
  • Much better than foam plugs; can press it flat so not a bother when sleeping; Be careful not to form a cone and insert it deeply, especially when first used; very sticky and could break off.
  • These are a godsend for light sleepers. Extremely effective and comfortable to boot!
  • Very comfortable, moderately reusable, not the best noise suppression. Great for sleeping!
  • There are other wax ear plugs that work as well or better and are more comfortable.
  • These silicon earplugs also work better than any of the other earplugs to provide me near absolute silence – they even blank out the sound of the air conditioner.
  • They really do work although there is a slight learning curve on how to properly use.
  • Awesome protection from water

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