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Last Updated: May, 2021

Are you looking for best sleep headphones? In order to come up with the top sleep headphones, we have analyzed 306 products available in the market.

Top 3 Best Seller Sleep Headphones

Top 10 Sleep Headphones – Editor’s Choice

Lavince Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband by Lavince Lavince Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband by Lavince
sleep headphones by Lavince
Our Reviews
  • All problems fixed, very nice headphones.
  • Awesome sleep headphones with a great look
  • Comfortable headband. EXCELLENT sound quality
  • Convenient and easy without tangling headphones!
  • Feels and sounds great – works for running and sleeping as well
  • Fits nice and the sound is great. Very convenient! Perfect for cold weather listening.
  • Got this headband for working out and easy listening to music.
  • Great affordable product. Will definitely recommend this product to others
  • Headphone headband that’s soft to sleep in and sounds great.
  • Perfect for podcasts at night with a small design flaw.
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CozyPhones Sleep Headphones & Travel Bag, Lycra Cool Mesh Lining and Ultra Thin Speakers. by CozyPhones CozyPhones Sleep Headphones & Travel Bag, Lycra Cool Mesh Lining and Ultra Thin Speakers. by CozyPhones
sleep headphones by CozyPhones
Our Reviews
  • A must for light sleepers or those with snoring roommates
  • Excellent – dual purpose eye shades and headphones
  • For such an inexpensive pair, these are really nice.
  • Great Combination of Sound and Comfort
  • The ULTIMATE solution to a snoring spouse!!! (Earplugs+these headphones!!!)
  • Works well. Good output with both Ipad and older Iphone
  • One tiny problem: the band is a little too big.
  • The head band is soft and great for winter nights.
  • The headband was a little to big for a sleep mask.
  • The sound quality from the speakers is surprisingly good, too.
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Sleep Headphones,Wireless Sleeping Headphones Bluetooth Sleep Headphones by Robesty Sleep Headphones,Wireless Sleeping Headphones Bluetooth Sleep Headphones by Robesty
sleep headphones by Robesty
Our Reviews
  • These are pretty nice wireless earbuds.
  • Easy to assemble and protects the Pi nicely, plug adds convenience
  • Fits pi3b perfectly, top notch customer service
  • Good fit and perfect for audiobooks
  • Great except for one slightly annoying drawback
  • It is really heard to get a good quality earbuds.
  • Just as advertised. Looks great and fits perfectly.
  • Nice looking product. Excellent Customer Service
  • Overall solid case, fan, and power supply. Installation fairly simple.
  • The case works well and includes a slot in the lid to accommodate a ribbon cable to a breakout board.
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Sleep Headphones Wireless, Perytong Bluetooth Sports Headband Headphones by Perytong Sleep Headphones Wireless, Perytong Bluetooth Sports Headband Headphones by Perytong
sleep headphones by Perytong
Our Reviews
  • Amazing sound quality! Also very comfortable.
  • Comfortable, soft headband, blue tooth headphones. Great sound quality!
  • Comfy, surprisingly good sound, working well for purpose of listening to something to sleep to.
  • Great bluetooth headband, especially for sleeping
  • Has a classy look, the sound quality is great as well, very comfortable as well.
  • Perfect for the winter, or to exercise or sleep with
  • So, first impression: Too small! Followed immediately by OH!!!!These second pic shows the size of the box.
  • This is the first set of Bluetooth headphones that work when laying on ones side.
  • Very Comfortable Sleep HeadPhones – Good Sound Quality – Excellent Battery Life So Far!
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Homder Sleep Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Eye Mask for Men Women by Homder Homder Sleep Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Eye Mask for Men Women by Homder
sleep headphones by Homder
Our Reviews
  • A perfect gift for a light sleeper.
  • Blocks out light well and Great Sound Quality
  • Comfortable, soft pad, bluetooth headphones and adjustable band! Better for back sleepers.
  • Excellent darkness, comfort, and speakers!
  • Great bluetooth sleeping headphone
  • Heaven on Earth!!!! Angels were singing on the day this was made!
  • Loses bluetooth connection after about 5 hours. Must be reconnected
  • Serves the purpose. Good Sound quality and Battery life
  • Soft, completely enveloping, and the bluetooth was simple to pair with!
  • Fist off, the audio quality itself, frequency wise, is really impressive.
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Sleep Headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless 3D Eye Mask 2019 Updated by Lightimetunnel Sleep Headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless 3D Eye Mask 2019 Updated by Lightimetunnel
sleep headphones by Lightimetunnel
Our Reviews
  • Amazing Bluetooth Sleeping Mask
  • Comfy, great sound quality, and battery seems to last.
  • Feels relaxing, can sleep comfortably on side mini speakers
  • Fourth, the earpieces that provide sound is adjustable inside the strap to optimize sound quality.
  • Quality of mask:This headphone/sleeping mask is very well constructed.
  • The audio quality, for the price, serves both modes very well.
  • The headphones fit great, feels great, and stays in place.
  • The sound quality on these is great and the battery lasts all night even if I forget to charge it in the morning.
  • The Velcro band is good and helps to tighten the band and so the band fits perfectly.
  • They have good sound, are comfortable and keep out the light.
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Sleep Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Music and Ultra Thin Speakers by Voerou Sleep Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Music and Ultra Thin Speakers by Voerou
sleep headphones by Voerou
Our Reviews
  • Awesome looking Bluetooth sleep mask
  • Comfortable Fit and Music Won’t Bother Others.
  • Completely shuts out light and is soft / comfy
  • Great for listening and not disturbing anyone else!
  • Really awesome great idea to not wake partner
  • Soft and comftable, base sound level was low
  • Speakers very thin and easily adjusts for comfort!
  • The Voerou Wireless Eye Mask is Relaxing Powerful and Comfortable; Overall an Exceptional Product!
  • This sleep mask with headphones is extremely comfortable.
  • At least the low price make the decision to order a replacement easy.
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CozyPhones Sleep Headphones with Travel Bag - Ultra Thin Earphone Speakers by CozyPhones CozyPhones Sleep Headphones with Travel Bag - Ultra Thin Earphone Speakers by CozyPhones
sleep headphones by CozyPhones
Our Reviews
  • Awesome product, even better customer service!
  • Comfortable and the headphones are adjustable
  • Good for side sleepers as well as back sleepers.
  • In spite of unbelievably great price, a much superior product.
  • It’s very comfy and good sound quality too
  • The very thin profile of these speakers is great for side sleeping
  • These are amazing! They are so comfortable to sleep in.
  • These things are great, particularly for the price! Good sound quality despite the very flat speakers.
  • They work well so far–will update if there are are any problems after traveling with them for the holidays.
  • This product is an excellent solution to feeling comfortable wearing headphones while lying down.
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Bluetooth Headband Wireless Sleep Headphones by TOPOINT Bluetooth Headband Wireless Sleep Headphones by TOPOINT
sleep headphones by TOPOINT
Our Reviews
  • Blocks out the snoring and much cheaper than other brands!
  • For drifing off to sleep, it’s a lot more comfortable than earbuds
  • Good for Sleepy College Students in the Lounge
  • Great Bluetooth Headphones for Sports and Sleeping!!!
  • Great for listening to music while trying to fall asleep
  • Light weight and compact. Just not tight on ears
  • So far so good…the quality of the speakers are quite good.
  • Soft Bluetooth band with great sound quality – perfect for side sleepers
  • Came across these & took a gamble as they’re over $30 cheaper than the cozy phone brand.
  • They have pretty good sound quality, and because they are snug to the ears, they keep the street sounds out.
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Sleep Headphones, Bluetooth Sleep Headphones,Headband Headphones with Built by JARVANIA Sleep Headphones, Bluetooth Sleep Headphones,Headband Headphones with Built by JARVANIA
sleep headphones by JARVANIA
Our Reviews
  • Cheaper than similar corded sleep phones
  • Comfortable sleep headphones. Perfect for White/Pink noise app! Best for smaller heads?
  • Excellent for sleeping. Very comfortable. Batter lasts all night
  • Great for around the house when others are around
  • Great for falling asleep to soothing meditative audio.
  • Great for running/cycling! little/no wind noise, comfortable, stays put.
  • Helps drown out noise. Comfortable with some adjusting of speaker when side sleeping.
  • Perfect for bed-mates who want completely different ambient sound
  • Super comfortable! This is such a great quality headband and the speakers sound amazing.
  • These are great for sleeping and way more comfortable than ear pods.
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Some More Sleep Headphones – Less Preference

Here are some more sleep headphones that might be helpful. Search and compare directly from Amazon.

Sleep Headphones, 3D Sleep Mask Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Music Eye Mask by LC-dolida
Our Reviews
  • A whole new way to listen to books, meditate and sleep.
  • Amazingly comfortable bluetooth sleep mask.
  • Comfortable and battery life is long! Lasts through out the night!
  • Comfortable fit with good noise cancellation
  • Cool Sleep mask innovation- great for camping
  • Found these on a flash deal, and what a great gift for the fiancé.
  • Help’s sleep especially when working.
  • Most Comfortable Stereo Stereo Sleeping Mask
  • Perfect solution for a good nap/sleep clubbed with soothing, high clarity music
  • The surround sound is great and the mask is super soft

Sleep Headphones - New Contour Series with Cool Mesh Lining & Ultra Thin Earphones by CozyPhones
Our Reviews
  • And this is much more comfortable than conventional headphones or earbuds
  • Awesome headphones for listening to music while sleeping!
  • Comfortable headphone for sleeping
  • Effectively drown out noise, comfortable for sleep
  • Great sound in a comfortable headband!
  • Perfect for insomnia husband to watch TV while the wife sleeps.
  • The good – the speakers sound good and are nice and flat.
  • These are super comfortable, work well and have a good sound
  • Extremely comfortable, much better than ear buds when laying down.
  • The product is very lightweight, surprisingly comfortable and has a great sound.

Bluetooth Headband Sleep Headphones by TOPOINT
Our Reviews
  • Bluetooth sleep headphones, good value
  • Cool, comfortable & excellent sound quality
  • Easy to set up, sound is good so far – will report more in a week
  • Great for light sleepers or people who need help blocking out other sounds and lights to sleep.
  • Great headphones, comfortable for sleeping
  • Pretty good, just be careful when plugging and unplugging.
  • Satisfied with the headphone. Quite comfortable
  • The headphones are working well and easy to operate even for this grandma.
  • So happy with their great customer service to make this initial poor product experience a very good one.
  • The company has provided excellent service and the headband works great for in bed use.

Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask,ZesGood 3D Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Sleep Mask by ZesGood
Our Reviews
  • Amazing! This was a seriously brilliant idea.
  • Best for back sleeping, and whilt sitting up on a plane.
  • Comfortable and perfect for white noise!
  • Comfortable to wear to bed and blocks out light.
  • Great for home or travel. Restful nights no distractions
  • Great product, resulting in great night sleep
  • Listen to music or podcasts without earbuds at night or on plane
  • Super Comfortable, complete light blocking blue tooth eye mask with sound.
  • The quality of sound is great and it’s very comfortable to wear.
  • This eye mask with headphones has been amazing.

Sleep Headphones Bluetooth, Voerou Wireless Headband Headphones Sports Sweatband by Voerou
Our Reviews
  • Awesome. Comfortable. Good battery life. Strong Bluetooth signal
  • Extremely comfy, great sound, easy to pair with Bluetooth
  • Fairly comfortable. Pretty good for the price
  • Great little headband for the money.
  • Great value – great quality- Highly recommend
  • Perfect way to listen to music when sleeping!
  • These are great and sound is great EXCEPT for receiving calls and talking on calls.
  • These are very comfortable to wear, have decent sound quality with good battey life.
  • This headband is amazing, is really easy to set up, and the sound quality is really good.
  • This is a great alternative to ear phones or ear buds.

Homder Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sport Headband by Homder
Our Reviews
  • Comfortable and decent sound
  • Comfortable Texture and Good Sound Quality
  • Excellent for sleeping – Excellent, period.
  • Great for sleep (drowning out snoring)
  • Great product, great battery life.
  • Pleasantly surprised with quality.
  • Soft material – Perfect sleep headphones
  • The packaging showed up in a nice clean and brand new condition, so great first impression.
  • This product has great sound quality, connects to Blue Tooth with ease, came charged right out of the box & stayed charged all night on the 1st use, and is overall a great product.
  • The battery life is great! The sound quality is great! They’re extremely comfortable.

MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Wireless Sleeping Eye Mask by MUSICOZY
Our Reviews
  • Absolute Requirement for Sleep!
  • Comfortable and easy to pair with phone.
  • Excellent sleep headphones!
  • Good sound, good blackout, uncomfortable battery pack.
  • Great for relaxing, not so good for noice cancelling
  • Overall a good product for the money
  • The soft micro suede fabric is comfortable and the padded area across the nose is great for keep light out of the mask.
  • These work very well for blocking out light and over riding unwanted sounds.
  • Very reliable, good music quality, charge is enough for the entire night.
  • Fits great, very comfortable, blacks out light and sound.

Sleep Headphones Bluetooth, Washable Sleeping Headphones Wireless Headband by WU-MINGLU
Our Reviews
  • At last, a decent Bluetooth headband
  • Big plastic disks for speakers & bright blinking light
  • Decent sound quality, comfortable, and easy to fall asleep in.
  • Excellent Customer Support from Christin Xiao at WU-MINGLU!!!
  • Good for the price, couple of minor drawbacks
  • Great exercise headphones built into a headband
  • Highly recommend this product for the best nights sleep!
  • Most comfortable bluetooth headband, great sound, superb value.
  • Nice looking bluetooth headband that works!
  • Sound is good, high quality and easy connectivity.

Sleep Ultra Thin Pillow Speakers with Mic, Control Button for Sleep Headphones. by MMUSS
Our Reviews
  • Best sleep speakers if they came with a headband.
  • Durable and long cord, soft to sleep on, volume control is a nice feature
  • Excellent Sleep Ultra Replacement Speakers 🔊
  • Extremely comfortable, amazing for snowboarding.
  • Great replacement for the cozy phones headphones.
  • So far so good replacement soft replacement earphones
  • The quality of the speakers are on level with headphone set.
  • They work great for slipping into a headband for sleeping.
  • Very comfy, works good and seller is kind.
  • Volume control will not work with old radio aka boom box.

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - GOOJODOQ Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless by Goojodoq
Our Reviews
  • Best headphones used for sleep and work
  • Comfortable headphones with great sound
  • Great noise cancellation for a snoring bed partner
  • Had an issue with the headset when one ear stopped working.
  • One of the earpieces stopped working within a month of getting it.
  • Perfect headphones for gym
  • Super comfy headphones with long lasting battery
  • This headphones has a nice crisp sound quality and a really nice,soft,flexible design.
  • These worked great for noise cancellation for a snoring bed partner.
  • These headphones are great because of the noise cancelling.

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