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Similasan Sleep & Dream Tablets

Similasan Sleep & Dream Tablets

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Similasan Sleep & Dream Tablets.

  • Allows simple sleep
  • 100% natural active ingredients
  • Avoids grogginess due to deficit sleep
  • Drug free
  • Amount: 60 CT

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Flavor: Sleep & Dream Similasan Sleep & Dream Tablets, 60 ct

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Similasan Sleep & Dream Tablets, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We were dissatisfied when similasan stopped their sleeplessness relief and replaced it with this product since it does leave a milky taste in our mouth, as another customer likewise discussed. However it operates in putting us 2 sleep. On our most uneasy nights if we take 2, we areout We have chronic insomnia so this is lifechanging for us.

We purchased this for our relative. She liked it since she would not get headache from it unlike other more powerful off the shelve sleeping aid. After taking it, she took about an hour typically to sleep. As it is herbal and might not work for everybody, we advise providing it a shot.

Have attempted lots of other homeopathic sleep assistants and none work along with this one does. Wont’ usage anything else. Love this. Extremely advised.

Simply found out beads were stopped. We liked them better than these however we think we are stuck. They appear to work the exact same and are pricedbetter If you have any beads left, please let us understand. Thanks.

This was advised by an herbal remedy shop in our community – definitely great product and alleviates any stress in under 15 minutes.


Very good.

Appears rather sluggish liquifying compared to other homeopathic tabs.

This needs to be the very best brand name of kava we have attempted.


We have huge problems with sleeping and hate to take prescription drugs. We have utilized ambien and other recommended sleep aids and found these otc sleep aids work simply as well. We go to sleep simpler with these and sleep about the exact same quantity of time. Never Ever more than 4 hours however that is a benefit for us when we are comparing them to the exact same amount of time with the prescriptions. We just utilize them when we enter into a real bad sleep pattern where we awaken continuously. Then we utilize these for a couple 2/3 nights to break the pattern. We do not like utilizing any medications so we certainly do not abuse them. Even otc.

Surprised at how well these work. We need just one tablet. It worked within 30 minutes and we felt so unwinded. In fact perhaps excessive. Seriously. You might need to attempt this prior to bedtime. We felt very unwinded and set to rest and dropped off to sleep. Awakened sensation great. Never ever had a product work so rapidly and well. We have attempted lots of products without any or little outcomes, however this product works.

It works, we have a great deal of anxiety and this works. We generally need 2 prior to we feel it working, however it does marvels to help calm our nerves and help us focus. We utilized the beads for anxiety in the past, and we believe this works better.

A Number Of these sleep medications we just can not take because of side-effects. Nevertheless, this one we can. By itself it does not work for us. We integrate this with hylands, melatonin, and rx medications for pain. Have both chronic pain and insomnia problems. Was taking an rx sleep med for years however kicked it. Just issue is these kind of supplements aren’t covered by our insurance coverage and they do cost much more than our co-pays were.

It does work to help us sleep. We have 2 problems with this. The very first is that it contains magnesium stearate which is hard on our gut. The 2nd is that we can’t take for more than 2 successive nights or we invest the next day in a fog.

Exceptional. Great product. Will buy once again and once again.

Worked great for our 11 years of age.


These liquifying tablets do help alleviate our anxiety rather, not all the way, however significantly for sure. They’re not as strong strong as xanax, and that might be an advantage or a bad thing, depending upon what you need. Xanax makes us sleepy after a bit and these do not. Those looking for a natural drug-free solution, or those with anxiety problems that aren’t too severe, you might wish to provide these a shot and see if they work.

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