Nightwave is a natural sleep aid designed to help users fall asleep. It isn’t proven to help anyone stay asleep, though those who do have issues with waking up late at night can find it helpful in falling back to sleep at those odd hours.

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Insomnia has the power to completely ruin your life if you allow it. It may seem like a minor problem at first, but after a long period of time without restorative sleep you start to notice the impact on your daily life.

You aren’t as focused and driven at work. Simple things that you would never forget before start slipping your mind. You are snappy and agitated with your children and other loved ones in your life.

For some people, insomnia can interfere with daily life to the point they fall asleep behind the wheel or cause an accident at work. Very serious life-altering events can happen when you become sleep deprived due to chronic insomnia.

That’s a very depressing, downbeat look at what insomnia can do to anyone walking the face of the earth. The good news is it doesn’t have to happen to you!

You don’t have to be that person walking around with black bags under their eyes, trying to catch a quick nap in the office behind closed blinds. You don’t have to be that irritated mother snapping at her children because she obviously isn’t getting much sleep.

Insomnia can be turned around and completely avoided if you have the right tools at your disposal.

1. Living for Sleep

Those who suffer chronic insomnia have to start living every moment of their life for sleep. This means that everything they do during the day works them toward a state of tiredness at the end of the day. This doesn’t happen without a very active, fulfilling life.

The most basic solutions to sleep problems start outside of the bedroom. Going to the gym or taking the stairs instead of the elevator is often seen as a way to get skinny and healthy, but it is also a way to get some healthy sleep. An active lifestyle will wear the body down so it is ready to relax and enjoy sleep when the time comes.

Relieving stress is also a way to help sleep come more naturally. Stress leads to the racing thoughts that refuse to shut off at night and that stands in the way of restful sleep for millions of people every single night. Relieving the stress isn’t always possible, but trying to relax and unwind while turning off those thoughts in the evening can help.

2. Even Better Tools

So, what happens when none of that works? For some people, all the yoga and Pilates in the world cannot relieve their stress or turn off their racing minds. For others, it is physical pain or illness that keeps them waking up at odd hours of the night unable to fall back asleep.

The traditional natural sleep remedies may not always work, but that’s when you use natural tools like the Nightwave system. This new sleep assistant displays a blue light into the bedroom and guides users through a personal breathing routine designed to calm the mind, ease the body, and bring on a natural sleep state.

There is no noise coming from the machine and no medication is involved. It is simply a blue light that changes intensity to cue the user when to inhale and exhale. It grows progressively slower, which slows down the breathing and brings a very sleepy state over the user.

Nightwave is simply a tool to help you fall asleep, so it is not a complete cure for those who have trouble staying asleep. Yet, it can be used to fall back asleep faster if you do wake up at odd hours of the night.

3. Putting It All Together

If you have minor or occasional insomnia you may do well with Nightwave or another sleep assistant alone. Those with more severe sleep problems will do best combining Nightwave with a consistent sleep schedule that includes relaxation, exercise, and a healthy diet.

The combination of living to tire out the body, relieving stress, and using Nightwave should bring more sleep for most people. In fact, it can help bring higher quality sleep for those who only suffer from insomnia occasionally.

4. Insomnia on the Road

It has to be acknowledged that many travellers suffer insomnia while they are away from home or adjusting to different time zones. Nightwave is a great product to pack into the luggage because it can help with falling to sleep no matter where the plane may land next.

A sleep assistant product called Nightwave has been getting a lot of attention in the media today. Anyone who watches even a little daytime television or who watches news channels has probably heard about this product at least once. It claims to be a completely natural, safe way to fall asleep without all the dramatic tossing and turning.

The closest product to Nightwave already in existence would be the sound machines that play soft music to help calm the body and the mind. Nightwave works in a similar fashion, but it doesn’t make any noise. It uses light instead of noise, but the result is intended to be the same.

The difference is a soft blue light is a lot less distracting to bed mates and others in the home than the noises produced by a sound machine. Unlike those sound machines, the Nightwave machine is said to be recommended by sleep doctors and you can find a variety of consumer reviews online claiming that it works wonders.

In fact, you can go to the Nightwave Facebook page and find a lot of supporters there, as well as lots of great Nightwave Sleep Assistant reviews.

To determine whether it might be a good solution to your own sleep problems, let’s take a closer look at how it works and what some of the most common complaints against it might be.

How Does Nightwave Work?

Nightwave is a rather unimpressive looking black box when not in use. It doesn’t look like it could really do much to help you fall asleep, but then you turn it on and a soft blue light sprays up toward the ceiling. This blue light changes luminance, or brightness, which is your signal to change your breathing.

Watching the light, you are supposed to inhale and exhale following the changing pattern of brightness. The longer you watch the light the slower the changes become which guides your breathing to become slower and slower. Eventually, the light shuts itself off and you are said to be ready to just roll over and sleep at that point.

That is all Nightwave does! It seems like this wouldn’t be much help when falling asleep, but according to the Nightwave website focusing on the changing light calms the mind and makes it easier to push thoughts away so you become sleepy and can fall asleep.

The website also claims that the process of watching the light relaxes the body as well as the mind, priming the entire body for a deep, restful sleep.

This is very similar to how sound machines work, only it uses a different human sense. Rather than closing your eyes and allowing soothing music to shut off your thoughts and calm your mind and body, watching the light is supposed to have the same soothing, calming effect.

Who Should Use Nightwave?

Nightwave could work for literally anyone who has trouble falling asleep at night. It might even work for those who have problems waking up in the middle of the night and falling back to sleep again.

The machine doesn’t require anything but a dark room and open mind to work. That means it is an option for just about anyone who needs to fall asleep faster…or just fall asleep by morning.

There is no risk or danger from using this product, since it is just a blue light that changes intensity and slows down with time. It is definitely a lot less risky than taking prescription medications or sitting up all night watching infomercials.

Nightwave could also be useful to those who are under doctor orders to relax more and ease off the stress. Watching the blue light and coordinating breathing to its changes is essentially an exercise in relaxation.

As breathing slows and focus is maintained on the light alone the mind shuts down and the body eases tension. This is good not only for those who desperately want to fall asleep but those who live a very stressful life as well.

What are the Complaints/Negatives?

Every product has some type of complaint, so you can’t consider using Nightwave without considering its potential flaws. The good news is there haven’t been a lot of complaints against the product and there are many consumers who really swear by its effectiveness.

The one major complaint that has been heard came from Geraldo Rivera through his television show. He claimed that Nightwave can actually be addicting, but to the chronically sleep deprived this doesn’t seem like much to complain about.

It is important to put Nightwave into perspective before making a purchase. It is a tool designed to help you fall asleep, but there is no proof that it can actually help you stay asleep all night.

Other Natural Remedies

Even when using a product like Nightwave, it is helpful to adjust the sleeping environment in favour of deep, restorative sleep that lasts all night.

Here are some natural actions that can help reduce sleep problems:

  1. Go to sleep at the same time every night.
  2. Avoid caffeine, sugar, and other stimulants from late afternoon through evening.
  3. Read a book, relax in front of the fire, or do something else relaxing and soothing before lying down to sleep.
  4. Avoid napping during the day.
  5. Create a very dark room with a comfortable room temperature.
  6. Make sure bedding is clean and comfortable.
  7. Make sure the mattress is comfortable as well as supportive.

Even just living a healthy life during the day can go a long way toward curing sleep problems. People who exercise routinely and live very active lives are more likely to lie down at the end of the day feeling tired and ready for sleep.

Eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water will also help by eliminating many stomach and gastrointestinal problems that can interfere with sleep.

The good thing about all of these natural sleep solutions is you can do them while using sleep assistants like Nightwave. The key to getting fast and efficient results with natural remedies is to use as many of them as possible all at once. Adjusting lifestyle to set yourself up for better sleep works very well with a tool like Nightwave.

It doesn’t hurt to give these natural sleep remedies a try before going on prescription medications or trying to use over-the-counter pills. Many people find that they don’t need medication when they give natural solutions an honest try.