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Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask - Updated Design Light Blocking Sleep Mask

Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask – Updated Design Light Blocking Sleep Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask – Updated Design Light Blocking Sleep Mask.

  • 2019 NEW DESIGN – We listen to your feedback. After long- term research and information, we upgrade every information and make a better ergonomic sleeping mask design to fit every head size.
  • PERFECT LIGHT BLOCKOUT ANYWHERE, WHENEVER – This sleep mask utilizes trademarked flexing cartilage design, adjustable and long lasting, successfully blocking lights originating from the nose location. You can get sound sleep or nap all over.
  • EYES DO NOT HESITATE- The soft cotton triangle wing design on this sleep mask considerably can stop the mask from moving and sidetracks your eyes and head from pressure, assisting you awaken unwinded & revitalized
  • SUPER SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – This sleep mask includes 5 layers of super breathable material, consisting of cotton, flexible sponge and modaier, which uses you ultra soft and fresh discuss eyes
  • 100% HANDMADE – Every cutting and sewing of this sleep mask is completed by handmade. Tight, tidy and smooth joints make sure minimum rubbing in every sleeping position with no pressure

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask – Updated Design Light Blocking Sleep Mask.

Question Question 1

Does The Flexing Nose Bridge Work?

The flexing nose bridge works for us. A lot of sleep masks let a little light in someplace. This one has a little what seems like a versatile wire sewn in and it forms around the nose to obstruct out the lightbetter we have a medium nose.

Question Question 2

Dosage It Keep Out Light?

Not 100%. There is a light leakage at the nose. The flexing nose piece is quite worthless if you have a little nose

Question Question 3

Are The Sleep Mask Straps Long Enough For Individuals With Big Heads?

Yes it extends fits conveniently we have a big head and it is very adjustable

Question Question 4

Does It Block Light Around The Nose?

we seem like it has better protection than some of the contoured masks due to the fact that it s bigger and has a little wire in the nose part that you can flex and adapt to help it fit tighter. so, less to no light. Likewise, appears more breathable than the foam ones too. we truly like it.

Question Question 5

Our Other Half Has A Big Head, Will This Be Convenient?

Yes, we likewise have a huge head and this sleep mask fits great. we believe it will fit his heand too.

Question Question 6

Our 3D Sleep Mask Left An Awful Spot On The Sheet. Does This Sleep Mask Spot Too?

No.we have had definitely no issues with this mask.

Question Question 7

Does This Color Spot On Pillowcases?

No. It does not appear like it would stain anything.we have not utilized it much.we have a Silk one that we like much better.

Question Question 8

Is This Washable?

Mavogel sleep mask is completely washable. We recommend hand wash and gentle rubbing with cold water. Then naturally dry. Please align it prior to drying. It can keep the mask fit.

Question Question 9

Does It Work Okay For Side- Sleepers?

we normally toss and turn when we sleep, however this sleep mask still remain in location in our head, so we believe it works for side sleepers.

Question Question 10

What Is The Product Of This Mask? Is It Cotton?

Pretty sure it is. the product feels incredible. The freaking strap has a metal piece on it that bugs me, we put a piece of cotton around it though.its great and cool, does not get warm.

Question Question 11

Can You Wash This Product?

Yes. Hand wash, air dry.

Question Question 12

Is The Buckle On The Side Irritating For Side Sleepers?

No it is not frustrating

Question Question 13

Can This Eye Maskhelp You Sleep On An Airplane? We Are Going To Have A 10 Hour Battle This Week.?

the mask has some type of strip were the nose bridge is to adjust and does not go into light.we would believe will jelp likewise getting ear plugs and you will be detached from noise. Enjoy your journey.

Question Question 14

Is This Made In China?

It does not state that it is made in China. It simply states 100% hand made.

Question Question 15

Is This Truly A Comfy Sleeping Mask Or Does It Press Down On Your Eyes?

It is very comfy. No pressure at all on our eyes due to the design.

Question Question 16

Is This Sleep Mask Comfy For Travel?

we utilize it on the plane for our comprehensive travel. It’s very soft and comfy. Thanks to it, we have the ability to sleep well all the way.

Question Question 17

What Is The Product Of Filling?

All cotton. Cotton batting.

Question Question 18

We Just Recently Had A Baby And Am Experiencing Night Sweats. Will We Destroy The Mask Or Does It Wash Quickly?

It will use the rubber band if you clean we wouldn t advise purchasing this one

Question Question 19

Does This Mask Crush Your Eye Makeup?

Although it carefully touch your eyelids, we do not advise to use it when you have your eye makeup.This sleep mask is made for sleeping.

Question Question 20

Does The Flexing Nose Piece Fit Your Nose? We Have A Huge Nose?

That does not trouble me. The nose piece is flexiable and quickly adjustable.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask – Updated Design Light Blocking Sleep Mask, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We had been utilizing the drift to sleep mask. It’s a good mask with that “3d” structure which simply implies it bulges out over your eyes so they do not feel any mask pressure. Problem with the drift to sleep is that we are side sleeper. Side sleeping triggers the 3d masks to flex simply enough to permit light in around the bridge of your nose. This cotton mask, however, is soft and floppy so it does not flex when you side sleep. On top of that, they have stitched in a stiff however versatile wire where the mask contacts the bridge of your nose. As long as you carefully squeeze type that wire into location throughout your nose (in some cases after your head strikes the pillow) no light will make it through. You will experience overall blackness or something very, very near to it. Our eyelashes do call the within the mask. However as long as we are not blinking while using the mask (and we are not) it is hardly obvious. Another essential function of this mask is the adjustable strap. It truly works and it is does not utilize velcro. We have utilized the mask everyday for about 6 weeks. And we have taken a trip with it. It still looks and works great. It needs to last for a very long time. The mask does include a case. We do not like the case due to the fact that it’s to little for the mask unless you truly fold it little.

This is most likely not the eye mask we would have purchased due to the fact that the cost point is a bit greater than we would desire however chose to offer it an opportunity due to the fact that of the evaluations. We need to state that it’s truly the very best eye mask we have ever utilized tho. A lot of eye masks are lightweight and does not truly keep out light. Not this one. Since this eye mask is padded, light truly does not make it through at all. The adjustable nose bridge likewise helps in making it comfotable to use. The highlight is for us is that it does stagnate through the night. Other eye masks we have utilized have constantly moved off our head at some point throughout our sleep. We normally even put the band under our hair, by the neck of our neck, simply to attempt and get the sleep mask band to sit tight while we are sleeping. It’s never ever worked, we constantly awaken with other sleep masks long gone and light streaming through the windows waking us up. This is the very first sleep mask we have utilized that we simply put the band behind our head and it’s remained on. We were really a bit fretted the very first time we utilized it and had the band too tight– our eyes felt flat the next day. We loosened up the adjustable band to make it more comfy and it still remained on. We likewise liked that the product that touches the eyes resembles a very soft t- t-shirt material, it’s very comfy to use and does not scratch or aggravate our skin. Delivering was fast too. It came well packaged and the mask had a bring case for travel (which was a good surprise). All in all very pleased with our purchase.

We have attempted numerous various sleep masks looking for the one, and this, our good friends, is it. The things that make this various:1. The nose piece is adjustable, type of like the brim of a ball cap. As soon as you get it fitted to your preference, the light stays out and the mask doesn t shift. 2. The cotton is super soft jersey, and makes for a truly great experience. 3. Side wings where the adjustable band connect make sure even pressure is dispersed throughout your mask, not simply on your eyes. The band is a little textured, and does not permit for slipping of the plastic adjuster piece. The cost point was more than we would generally invest, and now we get it. This thing is great, and even helps when we have truly bad sinus headaches. Certainly will be purchasing once again.

This mask is light-weight and not large, and it truly does a good task of keeping the lightout It did take a few attempts for us to figure out the very best way to flex the nose bridge, once you get it in the ideal location it obstructs out 99-100% of the light. The previous mask we owned was formed, and the advantage to that was that our eyelashes did not brush versus the within the mask while we had it on. We do have that problem with this mask, however it is a small problem given that truly our eyes will be closed when using this. With making use of the adjustable strap, we can make it comfy to the point it does not put pressure on our eyes at all. As other evaluations have specified, it does include a little travel case/pouch, however we do not see ourself utilizing it. To truly get the mask into it we would need to fold it a lot, which would reverse all our effort on getting the bendable nose bridge ideal. We will likely simply fold the mask in half when loading it for journeys. If you’re looking for something light-weight that works, we advise this product.

We bought this mask due to the fact that we like to travel and while we can nearly never ever sleep on an aircraft, we have a 14 hour over night flight showing up so we believed we would attempt a various type of mask. We were happy that in our location (atlanta) the mask was available in one day and was provided on a sunday. The mask is so soft and comfy. Other more stiff masks hit us right in the eyelashes, making them uneasy to use. This one is truly soft and versatile – we make certain we won t have this issue. The wire in the nosepiece material is bendable so it truly fits to our face and obstructs out light. We enjoy that it s washable. Another huge reward is the little bring pouch with caribeaner. Unanticipated, and we will never ever lose this mask if we obtain ourself of its little storage system.

This eye mask is wonderful. We enjoy that it’s cotton, so it’s very comfy and breathable. The back strap adapts to fit your head so it sits tight when you roll around during the night, and there’s a soft wire in the nose piece so that the mask can adapt to the shape of your nose to offer maximum blackout protection. You can’t beat the cost for this eye mask – great quality and super comfortable.

Bies Far to the best eye mask in the market. It is so soft that provides a high-end feel. The mask does feel comfy and smooth versus your skin and hair, leading to no pulling of the hair on our head or breaking of our eyelashes. The band change function is great to have. We might change it based on our convenience. We purchased the gray color which obstructs out as much light as a darker color (black) one would have. The other great function is loop change on the nose to offer total light clog. We certainly advise it to others:-RRB-.

Soft cotton sleep mask feels good versus your face and does a good task of blocking out light. The nose piece has a flexible metal piece inside the edge of the nose piece for included support. Even includes a little travel pouch. Very practical – for us, it appeared a little huge however gets the job done. And, super soft cotton vs synthetic was a plus. It has an adjustable, flexible strap to hold it in location. Good quality mask. Our just unfavorable was that the nose part didnt appear to permit the mask to completely lay flat versus our cheeks – however thats most likely our “big” nose vs the mask’s fault.?? somebody asked about face marks – offered its on your face, yes, if you sleep on your side or deal with down, you might get some light marks, much like your pillow case or blanket leaves if you sleep on them. However, product is soft so its not scratchy, etc so this wasnt a problem for us.

We truly like this sleep mask. We were doubtful in the beginning. We imply, how various can a sleep mask be? well, as it turns out, very various. We selected the black color, believing it would make a distinction and keep out more light than the lighter gray. After getting it, we are quite positive that, due to the way the mask is built, it would not matter which color you pick. No light is surviving this mask. The very first thing we discovered when we pulled it out of package was how exceptionally soft it was. We imply, did you ever touch something so soft you instantly wish to rub it on your cheek? yeah. Which’s precisely what we did. The next thing we discovered was the little cotton storage bag, total with carabiner. It can be connected right on to your travel luggage, got rapidly, and you can be sound asleep prior to the captain switches on the “no smoking” indication. The additions of additional material over the nose and at the sides are particularly great, due to the fact that they obstruct out light creep in those locations that the majority of other masks miss out on. It’s made from cotton, and the within layer that touches your face is brushed with a flannel- like feel. It’s likewise got a layer of foam cushioning which helps to totally unknown light, though we believe it might be the source of the faint smell we discover. It will most likely clean out quickly. There is a little, quickly bendable wire in the nose cover panel, and the head strap changes by about 6 inches, enabling for an ideal, tailored fit. Directions are to hand wash and drip- dry just, however it most likely will not need regular laundering. In summary, the mavogel sleep mask transcends in every way to any other we have ever attempted (and we have attempted a number of).

This sleep mask is great. It s a good thick cushioned eye mask with a soft material on the within and a firmer material on the external side. The strap is adjustable and thin, comparable to a bra strap. Makes it simple to change on a nightly basis based on how you sleep with your hair. It has a soft versatile product that flexes quickly to your face and won t leave marks come early morning. It obstructs out light so well and keeps the space dark till you get rid of even if the sun has currently increased. We would advise this to anybody. It s amazing and we have attempted various sleep masks. This is without a doubt our favorite. It even includes a little bring case, great for travel.

You men. For the last 2 years we have been utilizing all sorts of eye blinds. They normally fall off several times per night (beating the function of eye blinds), wind up breaking down after 2- 3 months and truthfully they aren t constantly comfortable. That being stated. Ive has the cotton sleep eye mask for less than a week and we currently will inform you they are video game changer. Incredible functions that we have seen:- cotton, wow. The product seems like absolutely nothing is on your face. A lot of comfy mask we have ever used (and we have used, alot)- simple adjustable strap without an irritating velcro sound when you and your partner are attempting to go to sleep. This strap advises us of a camisole strap. Thin and very quickly adjustable. – 3 words– adjustable.Nose Flap. Now we utilize the word flap very gently since that s not the very best term. It s simply the nose part of the mask is adjustable with little wire within the mask that fits to every nose. -we are very uneasy sleeper, and these have not just not fallen off when. We have seen that due to the fact that no of that factor, we are not gotten up by intense lights (bed room faces out to a car park loaded with individuals) or simply the sun, so we have even been sleepingbetter This mask is not like any other of the 13 masks (in the last 18 months) that we have ever had. And we are stired.

We enjoy this mask. We have been utilizing it nightly as we are pregnant and have had problem sleeping. We find it to be very reliable, super comfy, and light-weight. The adjustable nose location is great due to the fact that we feel that the fit is ideal for us. The product is very soft and breathes so even after a night s sleep, we awaken sensation cool and comfy. We extremely advise this product to anybody who is looking for the ideal mask that fits ideal the very first time.

This sleep mask is great. It s totally black out, which the large bulk are not, and it s very soft on the eyes due to the fact that of the products they utilized. The change strap on the back is super thin and type of advise us of a bra strap, which implies it doesn t bulge in the back and make it uneasy. Likewise, maybe among the very best things is that it is great for a side sleeper due to the fact that it doesn t lot far from your face and permit light in. Certainly advise.

We utilize a sleep mask every night due to the fact that we need overall darkness to sleep soundly. So when we got an opportunity to attempt out this one free for our viewpoint, we were all for it. We were a bit anxious when we got it due to the fact that it appeared like it would be too warm and just had one strap. Opening night it slipped off our head, then we attempted putting the strap under our hair. Voila. Perfect. It’s comfy, sits tight all night and is remarkably cool and breathable. And thanks to the smart little wire throughout the nose, it’s completely dark. We are liking it.

The best sleep mask we have ever purchased. Its very soft and thick. There is a strap on the back that can be tightened up which we enjoy. Since of the strap it lowers the quantity of light seen. This is the only sleep mask ice attempted that we do not see any light through( we are choosy so we have attempted lots of). There is a bendable piece of metal or wire that you can tighten up on the bridge of your nose too. We would advise this for sure.

So. We have utilized mavogel’s sleep- masks prior to and our outright preferred one is the one with the “patented nose baffle design” (https://www. Com/gp/product/ b07 gjhsnhv/ref= oh_aui_detailpage_o01 _ s00? ie= utf8 & psc= 1). However we saw they had a new design and let us inform you, it’s similarly remarkable. This eye- mask is a lot softer and stronger: seems like a good blanket for your eyes. The nose part has a thin wire or something inside that you can mold to fit completely over the bridge of your nose. We would state light- blocking is 98% for somebody with a little nose like mine however our sweetheart, who hasn’t truly liked any of the eye- masks we have, states it works completely and fell for it. The majority of our masks fall off throughout the night however this remains on too. It’s not cooling product, which we choose, however for the level of convenience and ~ softness ~ we are very pleased to make the trade. Delighted our sweetheart got his own one in the mail today so we do not need to share.

While this is more than we would pay for a face mask, we were pleased with the quality. Light blocking: in the beginning we didn’t understand it, however there is wire (?) in the nose piece that enables you to conveniently place it so no light gets in, which is a substantial drawback of a lot of the less expensive ones. Product: it’s a little warm for our taste. We truly enjoy the feel of satin face masks, however we can comprehend choosing this too. It’s sort of like a jersey cotton. Comfy, however the mask is rather thick. We used it in the health center after delivering and found it practical in blocking out all the additional lights for the valuable few hours of sleep we got. We believe it would likewise be great for flying.

This is without a doubt the very best sleep mask we have utilized. We enjoy the reality that the strap is adjustable and flexible. Our last sleep mask had a velcro strap that obviously ultimately lost it’s closure capability. The mavogel sleep mask likewise has the adjustable location for above your nose, which accidentally keeps the mask in location better for side sleepers. Normally if we used our old mask for more than a fast nap it would wind up midway around our head by the time we awakened. The mavogel sleep mask is a great purchase for convenience and quality.

We can t even explain how incredible this mask is. It s thicker than some masks we have utilized, however that appears to have a calming impact, which is helpful. The material that breaks your eyes is super soft, and it s a super comfortable mask. The nose piece enables you to form it to your nose, which provides you outright darkness. Extremely advise.

We have been utilizing plain old sleeping masks for years now (inexpensive ones under $5). Nevertheless, the flexible would extend too rapidly, the mask would let light in and the worst part was the mask would move when we altered positions (from our back to our side) while sleeping and it would either be on top of our head or under our nose which beat the function of having a mask. So we chose it was time for a good one. We chose this one due to the fact that of the nose bridge protection that you might pinch to make a tight fit and for the super soft product (we have jersey sheets on our bed and enjoy how soft they are. ). The day we got it, our hubby utilized it to rest and he stated he slept like a baby (in the middle of a warm day) and stated it was soo soft and comfortable, so we may need to get him his own. Our opening night using we slept a very long time (well into the afternoon) with this mask on, it didn’t slip off our eyes at all when we moved positions. The adjustable strap guarantees this mask will stay wearable for rather some time.

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