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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Essentially Based Magnesium Oil Spray.

  • ALLEVIATES PAIN Utilizing magnesium oil spray minimizes body pains, headaches, uneasy legs, muscle convulsions and menstrual pain
  • NATURAL SLEEP AID Oil of magnesium calms the body and mind natura y to prepare for sleep
  • HAIR, SKIN AND NAIL ENHANCEMENT Topical magnesium chloride oil likewise enhances the health of teeth, gums and can promote better performance of organs
  • TRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM OIL is the very best way to get magnesium provided to the body at a ce ular level. As it is currently in its liquid, ionic state, there is no need for the body to process it
  • ESSENTIAL MINERAL FOUND IN MAGNESIUM OIL 2 out of 3 people have a magnesium shortage and do not understand it. We need magnesium to metabolize fats and proteins and can get it through magnesium oil

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Essentially Based Magnesium Oil Spray.

Question Question 1

What Is The Source For The Magnesium? Is It The Zechstein Or Dead Sea? Or Is It The Chemical Production In A?

Very good question Melissa.Our magnesium is drawn out from the salt water of the Dead Sea and is just the finest quality.

Question Question 2

Roughly The Number Of Mg Of Essential Magnesium Remain In 4-5 Sprays? We Took a look at The Label & Reviews However Didn’T See That Info?

Each spray from our great mist sprayer provides ~123 mg of magnesium per spray so 49 mg to 62 mg overall for 4-5 sprays.

Question Question 3

Does This Product Come With A Safty Seal?

Yes, it is well sealed.

Question Question 4

How Frequently Can You Spray This On The Afflicted Location?

Great question.As our product is additional strength, it is not advised to spray the afflicted location more than when daily, specifically for the very first number of weeks.

Question Question 5

Exists A Certificate Of Analysis Readily Available For This Product Which Files Levels Of Inorganic Contaminants? I.E Lead, Arsenic, Etc.?

It simply works.

Question Question 6

If We Have Pain In Both Knees, Should We Spray Both 4 Times At A Rimeor Will That Be Excessive General For Our Body?

Magnesium is blended with water, we do not believe spraying 4 or 5 times will effect the body. Your pain must go away for a minimum of 6 hours.

Question Question 7

Do You Usage This Daily Or Just When You Have A Leg Constrain?

we swim for half an hour at the YMCA swimming pool every morning.While we are dressing, we spray the Magnesium Oil Spray on both legs, foot to hip, rub it in till it s dry, and wash our hands.we practically never ever have cramps now that we drink more water, however we do have muscle and joint pain all the time.we were likewise having issues sta we swim for half an hour at the YMCA swimming pool every morning.While we are dressing, we spray the Magnesium Oil Spray on both legs, foot to hip, rub it in till it s dry, and wash our hands.we practically never ever have cramps now that we drink more water, however we do have muscle and joint pain all the time.we were likewise having issues remaining asleep, not going to sleep, however waking in the middle of the night.Since we have been utilizing the magnesium spray, we still need to go to the restroom every 2 hours approximately, however have the ability to go right back to sleep.we likewise take a magnesium supplement which we have identified does little to absolutely nothing for us.Hope that helps.

Question Question 8

What Are The Health Benefits?

It helps ease pain when rubbed in.

Question Question 9

What Is The % Of Magnesium To Other Active ingredients?

126% Magnesium (based off the listing title: (3575 mg/OZ)/(28350 mg/OZ)); Pure MgCl2 crystals are 25.5% Magnesium by weight (the rest being the Chloride (chlorine) aspect) so this product is very near a 50% dilution.

Question Question 10

Does It Leave Your Skin Itchy?

No it does not make your skin itchy. we purchased it to rub on our knees however they are to far gone for the magnesium oil to help.

Question Question 11

A Question For The Seller. Do You Make A Magnesium Cream. We Have Actually Utilized Your Oil For Several Years. Great ForSleep Leg Cramps And Uneasy Legs.?

thanks for your question. Regrettably, we do not however we have been checking out and might begin in 2021.

Question Question 12

Does Plastic From The Bottle Leach Into The Magnesium Oil?

If you go to Essentially Based website it describes that they utilize HDPE plastic (High Density Polyethylene) bottles for all theirproducts This is very safe kind of plastic for FOODgrade or Essential Oils. Their Magnesium oil is pure and high grade. It works extremely well.

Question Question 13

Can We Utilize This Spray Along With Bendril To Sleep?

we utilize this to spray on our body leave it for 20 minutesthan wash it off we alsotakezananx works for us

Question Question 14

Does This Work For Pain?

Great question.Our magnesium oil works for a range of various discomforts however obviously not for all.It assists with headaches, muscle cramps, psychological cramps, aching muscles, and so on

Question Question 15

Can We Utilize This On Our Face? Preventing Eyes Naturally?

we have declined utilizing magnesium oil on the face.If you are identified to utilize it in this manner, our recommendations would be to spray some in your cupped hand, then use to the face preventing the eyes and mucous membranes.And we would evaluate it on a little spot on your face prior to using everything over the face. to make certain there we have declined utilizing magnesium oil on the face.If you are identified to utilize it in this manner, our recommendations would be to spray some in your cupped hand, then use to the face preventing the eyes and mucous membranes.And we would evaluate it on a little spot on your face prior to using everything over the face. to make certain there are no strange responses like soreness or drying/flaking/ peeling skin.

Question Question 16

How Does It Help Your Teeth And Gums?

Magnesium can make teeth harder, helps to build strong enamel for your teeth and helps avoid the development of cavities.

Question Question 17

Exists Any Odor To The Oil?

Our magnesium oil has been triple filtered to make essentially odor free, though a little handful of users have spotted an incredibly light odor to it.

Question Question 18

Do We Need To Wash Our Hands After Rubbing Our Legs?

Thank you for your question. You might clean your hands after rubbing your legs.

Question Question 19

Does It Feel Sticky After Being Applied On Skin?

No.It soaks into the skin.we can t sleep without it anymore Love this.

Question Question 20

Why Did Rate Of Product Go From 11.95 To 18.95?

We have attempted to regularly keep our costs incredibly competitive and have not offered our magnesium oil for over $1500 in over a year.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Essentially Based Magnesium Oil Spray, these may be helpful for better understanding.

So a little history about me. We have constantly had great troubles going to sleep. It normally takes about an hour approximately. We likewise get amazing headaches. We have not found anything to work for our headaches, not prescriptions, or anything over-the-counter, (advil, aleve, tylenol). So we had absolutely nothing to lose by attempting this product. Let us state that we initially purchased magnesium oil with aloe vera. We didn’t like it one bit. We found it not did anything for us and the odor drove us nuts. We have just gotten the magnesium oil spray this last thursday. So we have utilized it for 4 nights. We spray it on our feet, legs and any place we can reach. Keep in mind not to rub it in, as it should air dry, (does not take long). So for the 4 nights we dropped off to sleep in record time. Wow, we might not think it. We slept soundly, not even awakening to go to the restroom. Likewise we found that we do not need to have the heat so high which is a huge plus. Another thing, we had a headache beginning and we sprayed some on our forehead and back of neck. Our headache disappeared practically instantly. So just 4 days later on and we are purchased 3 more bottles for household and a good friend. Dream we had learnt about this product a long period of time earlier.

We purchased this due to the fact that an earth mom on instagram highly advised it. She has 4 children and she stated they all sleep through the night beginning with around 6 months old and they practically never ever awaken from 9 pm to 7 am. She stated she rubs it on their backs, stomaches, and feet every night prior to bed and she believes that’s why they all sleep so well. She informed us to search for the evaluations about it on, which we did. We were blown away to see countless evaluations providing it 5 stars and sharing their success stories. We purchased it and we attempted it for the very first time last night. We rubbed everything over our body prior to bed and sprayed it around the space too. Once it dries it sort of leaves you with a salted milky feel however it’s okay. We did sleep deeply however in the early morning hours we had a very extreme action-thriller dream. It appeared so real and seemed like the dream lasted an hour in real time (we make certain it didn’t however it seemed like it). Well today we slept (have not utilized any magnesium considering that last night) and we slept 2 hours when we just believed we had slept 20 minutes. We awakened due to the fact that we were having such a horrible violent problem – like a frightening circus type dream. This sounds insane however when we went to the restroom and saw ourself in the mirror – for one flash we appeared like a beast to ourself. This truly freaked usout We have never ever experienced anything like this. We googled “magnesium and hallucinations” and “magnesium and weird dreams” and found lots of posts and online forums on other individuals having the exact same experience.Wild We have been taking magnesium vitamins too the last number of months to aid with food digestion. We question if we are simply od on magnesium. Simply wished to send this caution out to others. Google “magnesium and weird dreams” and check out individuals’s stories. Very intriguing. So yes this product works. It has no aroma which is good. It does help you relax and sleep deeply. However possibly too deeply if you have enough magnesium?? super insane.

We are no longer awakening in pain. We believe this product might be the factor. We have been in pain for a number of years, awakening with our ideal hip injuring. In current weeks we have been awakening in the night. We have likewise been experiencing very bad, uncomfortable night leg cramps which for us is odd in warm weather condition. The pain in our hip likewise increased and we were feeling everything day. So we looked into online and found out about magnesium oil. We checked out others’ evaluations of the magnesium spray and chose to buy this product. We have formerly attempted over-the-counter medications: ibuprofen, salt naproxen and tylenol with little result on the pain. We have likewise took a crack at in the muscle at a physician’s office. Likewise we have just recently been consuming bananas to attempt to minimize this pain. However after a few days rubbing this product in as directed, we observed a reduction in pain level. Then we began awakening pain free. We now likewise have no leg cramps. We believe we had a magnesium shortage and no longer do, as long as we utilize this product.

Great product. We purchased this for our granny, who was suffering lots of sleep deprived nights due to these awful leg cramps that would wake her from a dead sleep. After checking out lots of evaluations on this product and seeing how well it worked for other customers, we chose to offer it a shot. Now, she utilizes it every night prior to bed and the outcomes have been incredible. She hasn’t had any leg cramps considering that. And our 4 years of age child was severly grinding her teeth during the night, we rubbed the magnesium oil on the pressure points right behind her ears, near where her jaw hinges, it did tingle for a minute she stated, however she didn’t grind her teeth at all that night. We have likewise utilized the magnisum oil when both our ladies were experiencing their legs and feet injuring during the night, growing discomforts from what the medical professionals presumed, and it likewise worked to ease the pains so they might go back to a restful slumber. Fantastic product. Thank you.

This magnesium oil is very reliable and works well. It soaks into the skin rapidly and after rubbing it in leaves no residue. We sleep like a baby during the night after spraying some on our feet. Extremely advised.

We began having pain and a sensation of tightness in our calves and in the location of our achille s heel. It made strolling uncomfortable. Our chiropractic physician stated it seemed like a magnesium shortage and described that some individuals can t take in magnesium in tablet type (we take a multi-vitamin) so advised we attempt a magnesium spray. We instantly purchased this one from and it came very rapidly. The very first time we sprayed it on our calf and rubbed it in, we got instant relief. It s incredible things. Some days, we need to utilize it 3 or 4 times throughout the day. We keep it beside our bed and utilize it very first thing each early morning. This has assisted us considerably and we would extremely advise it. You massage it into your skin and it practically vanishes. However you ll need to wash your hands later on as it leaves a somewhat rough sensation like having seawater on your hands. Great things. And thanks to the seller for the fast shipment.

The oil spray truly works to rapidly ease arthritis pain for best absorption, it must be rubbed too, it might be better in a roll on application bottle.

We have utilized this oil on our wrist and we might truthfully state that it had assisted relieve the pain and pulsating we began out using a wrist brace however when we began with the oil we felt better it appears to soak up into your skin. We extremely advise this magnesium oil. We bought some for a minimum of 5 other individuals. Simply offer it time, all you need is a few drops and rub it in daily. We have not been utilizing our wrist brace considering that utilizing this oil. We are still experiencing some light throbbing every now and then however much enhanced.

We in fact got this oil to utilize in a body cream for our hubby’s charlie horses (calf muscle cramps) that he experiences while sleeping, relativelyfrequently He has yet to utilize it, so we began utilizing it ourself. We have plantar fascitis in one foot badly and relatively small in the other. We utilize the mix of this oil with shea butter and coconut oil whipped with our hand mixer and a few drops of essential oil for an enjoyable odor. Fantastic. For those with pf. The early mornings are specifically hard and uncomfortable. Our stumbling hopping time has been cut from near 5 minutes to less than 1 minute and is not almost as debilitating. We have likewise begun to simply put some on our uncomfortable joints, because, why not? they are much better in the early morning too. We highly motivate everybody to utilize this product. Even if you do not have pains and discomforts. Many everybody lacks magnesium so this is a great supplement that you do not in fact need to utilize in pill type.

Up until now as we can inform, this things works. It’s being utilized to ease joint pain (hip and knee) which in turn is triggered by spine issues. Surgical treatment is not a choice as the bones are too fragile. So we depend on numerous approaches of pain relief, plus workout and acupuncture, and the entire bundle is doing very well. The just issue is singling out one restorative aspect over another as “the one that helps the most. ” we can’t. However this oil was heartily advised by an acupuncturist whom we rely on implicitly, and we want to support her, considered that she’s doing a truly great task in general in assisting me. For that reason, you readers get the verbose variation: it appears to help, we will continue to utilize it, why not offer it a shot yourself?.

For those of you that currently learn about the benefits of mg oil. It works in addition to others that we have attempted. This is low annoying and fast working. For those of you aiming to attempt out mg oil, this works great and does not truly aggravate the skin as some of the others might. If you are utilizing it for muscle cramps as we do it eases our cramps in a number of minutes however we make certain everybody is various.

We like this magnesium oil spray, this product is great at assisting eliminate migraine headaches integrated with 2 otherproducts We truly like how unwinded this spray oil makes us feel when we utilize it/it truly helps us sleep better too. We in some cases spray it on the bottom of our feet prior to we go to bed/we likewise spray it on our shoulders/in no time at all we begin to feel very unwinded. We truly like the truth that there is no smell, nor does it stain any of our clothing or bed linen. When we spray it on our feet or shoulders or back or neck or forehead, etc we can taste a minor salted taste in our mouth, however it’s okay nor is it overwhelming, however we can inform you it does work very fast/it is great for pain in the back, or tight shoulders, stress in the neck/shoulders. This product works specifically well for migraine headaches integrated with 2 otherproducts The day we got this product/the other 2 products we had purchased at the exact same time we had a horrible migraine headache that was 9 on the pain level scale/we had, had it for a number of days prior. We jotted down on a notepad the time/date of when we took the 3products This is what we did, at 12: 55 pm we sprayed this magnesium oil spray on our forehead, both temples, back of our neck/on both sides of our neck/our shoulders and we took nutricost vitamin b2 one 400 mg pill and migraine defense 2 capsules as directed. By 1: 25 pm we are feeling way more relaxed/our migraine isn’t as bad it has to do with a 2 on pain level scale, in truth it’s practically gone/the queasiness is practically gone, it’s remaining in the background. Hooray it’s now 2: 21 pm and the migraine/the queasiness are both totally gone. We are so thankful we checked out the evaluations of this product due to the fact that it’s what assisted us choose to buy this product. We will continue to buy this product for a life time together with the other 2 products as they are great mix to help battle migraine headaches. Thanks a lot for such a great product.:-RRB-.

We have quite sever muscle cramps daily, and up until now this appears to be assisting to ease some if not all of the pain. Just problem is our pain is primarily our back and neck, so if our hubby is not home to help us its hard to use.

After reading your evaluations, we purchased this product to utilize on our feet which were tingling and injuring us every night and keeping us awake. Our hubby uses it to each foot, top and bottom, every night and rubs it in extremely well. It is simpler for him to use it for us. It works. We in fact drop off to sleep prior to he is done and have sleptbetter It is not oily and does not smell bad. We are very, very delighted with this purchase and will buy it once again when this bottle is empty.

It works quite well when we have small troubles from fibroouralgia. It’s specifically valuable for upper back & or shoulder problems, plus simple to spray on. Hope this helps anybody else. Plus obviously there are no laxitive impacts.

We initially purchased a bottle for our boy in law. He gets migraine headaches typically and he works with the general public. If he feels one beginning he simply sprays some on his hands. He then rubs it into his wrists and the back of his hands. It works immediately to stop the migraine. We then purchased a bottle for us. We have individuals remain at our home all year due to the fact that we reside in vegas. It joint some get leg cramps, headaches, muscle pains, etc. We simply spray some magnesium oil on them and their issue is resolved. We utilize it daily in lew of pills due to the fact that magnesium pills have an unfavorable cleaning result.

We utilize this each night prior to we go to sleep. We rub it on the bottom of our feet. Makes for sweet dreams.

Our boy has spastic paralysis and is so very tight on whole ideal side of body. He constantly has a continuous unpleasant stress on him and he states he feels “heavy” and unpleasant all the time (despite the fact that he is very slim). We have utilized essential oils for years when we massage him and believed we would offer this a shot bc he is now awakening with bad headaches every early morning. Night prior to last we utilized on him and he grumbled a little of it stinging some, so we watered down w coconut oil. Last night he concerned us and asked whatever we utilized on him that night, might we please usage on once again due to the fact that he felt “light” he felt loose and he sd he felt very unwinded all over and slept better than he ever had. So last night we utilized the mag spray and coconut oil while we cupped and rubbed him (btw, if you are having pain or tightness, check out cupping you can so in your home). We observed after about 30 minutes we could not discriminate in between the ideal leg and foot and left leg and foot. The muscles and ligaments on ideal side are constantly tightened up and tensed and never ever relax (even when he is sleeping they are still somewhat tight). We couldnt feel the tendons and muscles holding up like hard elastic band like we generally do, his feet and toes were absolutely loose jst like the left side. We were astonished. Well today he informed us that even if we cant do a long massage every night, might we please usage that new oil bc he stated it seemed like weight and pressure was taken off of him. He sd his hips felt loose and light, he stated he seemed like he was drifting and he was so unwinded and slept so good. So, this things is a god send out for him and we simply want we had utilized on him 10 years earlier.

This truly works. We were doubtful. Second we were worried that it would contribute to the magnesium we took orally and cause issues in our digestive system. That didn’t occur luckily. This product merely works well. Our hubby awakened with a muscle cramp in his calf and we sprayed the product right on the calf. Within fifteen minutes the muscle unwinded. Typically it takes more like about thirty to forty-five minutes for the cramping to go away. And there’s the after impacts of the muscle having constrained. No after impacts with the magnesium oil spray. Will acquire once again.

We dislike composing evaluations however we simply needed to share our experience with this oil. To start with we experience serious sciatica nerve pain, to the point of not having the ability to sleep and weep all night due to stiffen muscles on our leg, we might just drop off to sleep after taking pain medications and a muscle relaxer. We browsed all over for an alternative and attempted lots of creams and creams, cbd things didn’t do anything for us and that things was pricey, we were at a desperate point of attempting anything and whatever. Our chiropractic physician advised magnesium (powder) that assisted us however not rather. We browsed all over and found this product. We stated why not? plus it likewise has great evaluations.Well Thank god we did. We are likewise taking 500 mg of magnesium pill however prior to we began with the pills we were spraying the oil all the time, and prior to bedtime, we sleep a lot better and we have no cramps, pain or stiffen muscles. We spray everything over our lower back, butt, leg and under our feet. Don t appearance in other places. You won t remorse it specifically if you experience sciatica pain.

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