Dromias is a sleep aid that wants to help you fall asleep and wake up ready to start your day. Dromias can be taken nightly to combat sleeplessness and comes with your choice of a 30-day, 90-day, or 180-day cycle. Dromias could be a night-time solution or just another run of the mill sleep aid.

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People who sleep well take getting a good night’s sleep for granted. Those who rely on a new tip of the day or a sleep aid, envy the ability others have to hit the hay immediately.

Dromias is a sleep aid designed for easy nightly use without the potential of addiction or reliance. Dromias should help you fall asleep faster and help you wake up refreshed, which is almost as important as falling asleep. Dromias is an intriguing sleep supplement because it seems to be a mystery product.

How Does Dromias Work?

The effective nature of a sleep supplement relies on its formula. However, Dromias has several different formulas and supplement facts depending on which site you try to find it on. After thorough research, Dromias revealed inconsistent information about itself.

Several sites suggest Dromias has melatonin and 5-HTP while other supplement facts suggest the tablet only has jujube, magnesium, and valerian.

Will Dromias Show Results?

Dromias has little to no reputation, and it is not a new sleep aid. There are also no customer reviews available on the product. Combining this fact with a lack of a solid nutritional label, leads us to believe there is not enough evidence to suggest Dromias is effective or has the ability to help you sleep at night.

The Good

Dromias is the first product that has little to no silver lining. Typically, a sleep supplement will have impressive ingredients, even if the concentrations are not exact.

Dromias’ formula changes throughout our research. Some supplement facts suggest Dromias has melatonin, while others suggest Dromias has jujube. We lack any confidence in Dromias.

The Bad

Dromias is dripping with red flags. Throughout our research, we have found countless discrepancies with the product. The supplement facts vary depending on how deep we dig and the dosage recommended also fluctuates.

The formula is also a proprietary blend, so even if the exact ingredients were attainable, it would be rare that the blend would be effective. Despite all these inconsistencies, the product still attempts to retail at $49.95 for a 30-day cycle.

The Final Story

Dromias is a relatively expensive sleep supplement. Dromias can only be purchased over the Internet, and you can choose a 30-day, 90-day, or 180-day cycle starting at $49.95. There is hardly enough information on this product to give a decent recommendation. In fact, it would be wiser to try alternative sleep aids that have a better reputation and the ability to provide results.