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Here are a few main benefits of DR SHEN’S Good Sleep Pills.

  • vegetarian, gluten free

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More Info:

Here are some more information on DR SHEN’S Good Sleep Pills.
This herbal supplement Nurtures the Heart, and Calms the Spirit to support a regular night’s sleep. It likewise Clears Heat from the Heart motivating a sense of we -being, by carefully soothing nervousness or restlessness. In Standard Chinese Medicine (TCM), the term disrupted SHEN implies spirit. The term ‘Interrupted SHEN’ suggests that our spirit is unclear, disrupted and upset by our mind, nerve system, or environment. Dr. Shen’s Good Sleep & Concern Free Pi s are utilized for a large range of “Disturbed Shen” indications and signs, consisting of bad sleep, nervousness, dream disrupted sleep, irritation, or a rancorous personality. Dr. Shen’s Good Sleep & Concern Free Pi especially contains no heavy metal mineral supporting herbs such as loadstone, oyster she, or cinnabar, which are utilized in some other Chinese herbal sleep preparations. Active Ingredients: Date Seed, Zizyphus Semen, Suan Zao Ren Chinese Sage Root, Salvia Radix, Dan Shen Siberian Milk Wort, Anemarrhena Rz., Zhi Mu Arbor Vitae Seed, Biota Semen, Bai Zi Ren Atractylodes Root, Atractylodes Rx, Bai Zhu Schizandra Fruit, Schisandra Fructus, Wu Wei Zi Heart of Poria, Poria Cocos, Fu Ling Gardenia Seed, Gardenia Semen, Zhi Zi Bulrush, Medula Junci, Deng Xin Cao Ginseng Root, Panax Ginseng Rx, Ren Shen Chinese Licorice Root, Glycyrrhiza Rx, Gan Cao

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on DR SHEN’S Good Sleep Pills.

Question Question 1

What Are The Active Ingredients?

100% vegetarian, Gluten- free, herbal, conventional Chinese medicine: Date Seed, Zizyphus Semen, Suan Zao Ren 100% vegetarian, Gluten- free, herbal, conventional Chinese medicine: Date Seed, Zizyphus Semen, Suan Zao RenNourishes the Heart, Calms the SpiritChinese Sage Root, Salvia Radix, Dan ShenClears Heat from the Heart, Rejuvenates the Heart BloodSiberian Milk Wort, Anemarrhena Rz., Zhwe MuClears Heat, Quells Fire, Tonifies the YinArbor Vitae Seed, Biota Semen, Bawe Zwe RenNourishes the Heart, Calms the SpiritAtractylodes Root, Atractylodes Rx, Bawe ZhuTonifies the Spleen, Aids the Food Digestion and Assimilation of the Formula’s Yin TonicsSchizandra Fruit, Schisandra Fructus, Wu Wewe ZiAstringes the Essence, Calms the SpiritHeart of Poria, Poria Cocos, Fu LingCalms the Spirit, Aids the Food Digestion and Assimilation of the Formula’s Yin TonicsGardenia Seed, Gardenia Semen, Zhwe ZiClears Heat from the Heart, Alleviates Irritation & RestlessnessBulrush, Medula Junci, Deng Xin CaoDrains Heart Heat, Alleviates InsomniaGinseng Root, Panax Ginseng Rx, Ren ShenBenefits the Heart Qi, Calms the Spirit, Tonifies Original QiChinese Licorice Root, Glycyrrhiza Rx, Gan CaoAids in the Assimilation of Other Herbs (Harmonizes).

Question Question 2

Can You Please List The Active Ingredients Or What It States On The Label?

google our buddy. “Dr Shen’s Good Sleep & Worry Free ingredients” – here’s the list of active ingredients – https://www.drshen.com/chineseherbproducts.html#goodsleepherbs – we purchased some however never ever utilized, so can’t state whether it’s any good or not

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on DR SHEN’S Good Sleep Pills, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This appears to be assisting us stay asleep after we go to sleep. Take 3 (as advised) an hour or 2 prior to bedtime.

Due to the fact that dr shen’s good sleep assisted us to get a better night sleep with no anxiety signs:-RRB-:-RRB- we got outcome on the first day.

As an insomniac we have utilized numerous, numerous supplements for many years. A lot of work best when we are attempting to drop off to sleep, however very few work well if we awaken in the morning and desire some more zzz’s. For me, that is where good sleep shines. When we awaken too early we take one tablet of good sleep, typically with a tablet of glycine, and within 20 minutes or so we have the ability to wander off for some more sleep. Keep in mind that a good brand name of tryptophan likewise works for this, however after numerous experiments we have found a severe negative effects to tryptophan: it adversely affects our memory. After a number of weeks of taking tryptophan we observe a subtle modification, where we often lose our train of idea. After stopping tryptophan for a few weeks, the result disappears.

Here are our notes when taking it: scenario: high nighttime cortisol, high morning cortisol with cortisol dropping below regular near lunch time. Calms over-stimulated adrenals: small relaxation, calming, particularly with that uptight i-ate-too-much-sugar sensation. Stops the heart pounding hyped up state. Ramps down adrenal overexcitement, stops excitable neurotransmitters. Taken in advance, can drift through interesting motion pictures and stay calm – because methods functions as an adrenal adaptive. Lowers high from consuming excessive coffee. Deals with insomnia: enhances cut off sleep, awakening with overexcited mind racing take one and go back to sleep. Sound sleep 1-2 mid-morning and 1-2 mid-afternoon. No sleepiness, simply relaxation. Works well with gaba supplements and tryptophan. Response to this supplement might depend upon how lacking you remain in particular neurotransmitters. We have attempted 5 other “peaceful sleeps” based upon the herb understood in conventional chinese medicine as suan zao ren zizyphus which contains huperzine a, understood to stop excitotoxins. We can happily state that is precisely what it does. Taken throughout the day time it enhances sleep in the future. Taking throughout insomnia of racing ideas, puts us back to oversleep less than 20 minutes. Not so great for napping. Dose: need just one or max 2 at a time for us, not 3 like the bottle states. Result lessens after 4-5 months then need a break.

Great product. Let’s us sleep all through the night. With menopausal signs, we were pestered with sleep deprived nights for a number of years prior to discovering this product. It truly helps on a very deep level. We awaken feeling good. Rather than anxiety filled. This is our 2nd bottle. They last us longer as we just need 2 per night together with probiotics and magnesium.

We have had exceptionally bad insomnia. A lot of nights 1-4 hours of sleep. Because taking them and other dr. Shen herbs, our slee has gotten much better and we are more unwinded and less stressed out out.

We have attempted a number of other things to help us sleep (melatonin, essential oils, and so on ). This has truly assisted me. We tend to awaken in the night and these pills have assisted us fall back to sleep rapidly and we do feelbetter Worth the cash to me.

These work quite well, however we choose 5htp, gabatrol, and lithium oratate now for all our sleeping and anxiety requires.

Love love this things. Appears to relax us at bedtme without the hangover the next day you get with advil pm.

We found this product several years back, and took it for about 12 years. We would presume regarding state it was life-altering. We had very severe anxiety and insomnia. We began taking it for anxiety, however quickly recognized it assisted us sleep ~ it assisted us drop off to sleep quicker, sleep better through the night, fall back asleep much easier if we got up in the middle of the night, and stay asleep longer. And yes, it likewise truly aid with our anxiety. We no longer take it since we no longer have these problems, however we would extremely, extremely suggest it for folks who do. It develops in your system over a couple weeks time, so it’s not like you take it right prior to bed and it makes you sleepy. For a number of years we took 4 pills 3 x day, then for a few years we took 4 pills 2 x day, then the last couple years we took 4 pills 1x day. The dose in each pill is much lower than normal us requirements, so it’s prob not as much as it sounds. After a number of years of taking it we were asking a chinese herbalist about it and the herbalist likewise advised that we take a break routinely b/c that would help the body not build get excessively utilized to the medicine (type of like developing a tolerance). She advised we not take it one day weekly, or one week each month, or one month a year, or one year every 5 years, whichever regular we chose. We began not taking it one day a week, and then we changed to not taking it one week a month. We do not believe this is essential since we did not observe a distinction in efficiency, however it did conserve us some cash taking it less. We wish to state something about how the label utilized to state that it consisted of lead ~ that’s not always real. We will copy and paste our reaction to another person’s evaluation below: really they do not always include lead. California passed this legislation a variety of years ago where everyone needed to identify whatever as having lead in it. We utilized to travel to california, and the very first time we went there after they passed this, we saw this alerting all over the location. We saw it on the side of a structure for a dining establishment stating that there was lead in the food. If we keep in mind properly, the factor was since there’s excessive lead in the soil in california, and for that reason it impacts whatever. The label never ever stated it had lead in it till after that legislation was passed. We called them as soon as this went on the label and they informed us the exact same thing that other suppliers and a dining establishment had informed me, that it needs to go on whatever that is grown in california, if we keep in mind properly. (it was a long period of time back, however the legislation appeared way over-reaching. Anyhow.) it’s possible it does have lead, and that anything in calwe has lead. However it’s really gone from the label once again now, so possibly california has altered the legislation or the product has been identified not to really have lead. This product, and yoga, were life-altering for us, so we simply wished to provide a bit more background.

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