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Best Sleep Glasses

Looking for best sleep glasses? Check these top products from sleeping products category.

Recommendation No. 1
Blue Blocking Amber Glasses for Sleep 99.9 Percent Effective - Nighttime Eye Wear - Special Orange Tinted Glasses Help You Sleep and Relax Your Eyes
  • BRIGHT & CLEAR LENSES - These are designed to pass as much non-blue light through as possible. There is no dark tint and they are not polarized. You can still make eye contact with loved ones and even forget you are wearing them.
  • SPORTS FRAMES - The durable TR90 thermoplastic frames are lightweight and flexible.
  • WRAPAROUND FIT - The wraparound keeps light from getting around the lenses. Lens-bridge-temple: 61-16-127
  • TECHNICAL SPECS - Tested to block 100% of light from 280 - 490nm (this includes UV). Blocks 99.82% of light in the critical 450 - 510nm range. This is the most disruptive wavelength of light at night. It is also the same frequency of light that is blasted directly into your eyeballs from electronic devices! Always wear protection!
Recommendation No. 2
PEGASI 2 - Smart Light Therapy Glasses, Improve Your Sleep in 7 Days, Feather-Light, Research-Backed Blue-Green Light, Boost Energy, Beat Jet Lag (Traveling Case Included)
  • 【SPECIAL BLUE-GREEN LIGHT】PEGASI II features the wavelengths of light between green and blue proven by NASA as effective as blue light or 10,000 lux white light in solving sleep problems, while ensuring greater comfort going through changes in energy levels and sleep cycle.
  • 【SOLVE YOUR SLEEP PROBLEMS】PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses II can help your body manage the biological clock and regulate the circadian rhythm to improve sleep quality and enhance your mood in less than 7 days. PEGASI is also suitable for those who are suffering from insomnia,low enery level during the day, or other sleep issues.
  • 【EASY TO USE】Drug-free.You only need to wear PEGASI glasses II 30 min/day between 7am-9am. It will take 7 days to show the differences. The brand-new collapsible frame makes it easier to enjoy PEGASI treatment anywhere. PEGASI glasses are portable and lightweight (just 1.7 oz.),you can use them while running, exercising, brushing teeth, eating,even when you wear prescription glasses. Also,you can switch different modes on PEGASI Sleep App via Bluetooth 4.0.
  • 【SAFE FOR YOUR EYES】PEGASI is a member of the US National Sleep Foundation and obtaining 10 patents. The glasses have been certified by FCC, RoHS & CE. PEGASI Glasses emit a specific wavelength which is 100% UV-free,safe for your eyes.
  • 【Traveling Case Included】Upgraded 2.0 Version with new Carrying Case In The Box. Plus, PEGASI products come with 1-Year hassle-free service,If you have any dissatisfaction, please send message to us, we will support our customers in any way we can. Just purchase it NOW and improve your sleep quality.
Recommendation No. 3
Blue Light Blocking Clip On Glasses - 99.9 Percent Effective Computer Glasses for Men and Women, Durable Lightweight Design Reduce Eyestrain, Headaches and Improve Sleep (Nighttime Lens)
1,330 Customer Reviews
Blue Light Blocking Clip On Glasses - 99.9 Percent Effective Computer Glasses for Men and Women, Durable Lightweight Design Reduce Eyestrain, Headaches and Improve Sleep (Nighttime Lens)
  • IMPROVE SLEEP & PERFORMANCE - Spectra479 blue light filter clip on glasses will turn your prescription and reading glasses into 99.9% effective blue light blocking glasses for evening digital screen use. Reduce eyestrain, prevent headaches, and enhance your sleep resulting in greater comfort and performance
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Each pair of clip on blue light lenses comes with a hard plastic case, a combination microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth, and PDF quick start guide with simple instructions. The computer glasses are ultra lightweight yet durable, and the bright, clear lenses are almost unnoticeable to your eyes
  • PROVEN 99.9% EFFECTIVE - Our computer glasses for kids and adults are tested to block 100% of light from 280-490nm, and block 99.8% of light in the most disruptive 450-510nm range. Our blue light glasses for men and women come with a 90 day replacement and 1 year defect manufacturers warranty
  • DECREASE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF SCREEN TIME - Easily use your Biorhythm Spectra479 blue light blocking glasses with your existing prescription or reading glasses. Suitable as blue light blocking glasses for kids, as computer reading glasses, gaming glasses for kids, or sleeping glasses
  • ESSENTIAL SCREEN TIME ACCESSORY - Our men's and women's blue light glasses are an ideal gift for anyone that spends long periods of time in front of a screen, especially in the evening. Improve your sleep and performance by wearing computer glasses specially designed for this purpose
Recommendation No. 4
Swanwick Classic Night Swannies - Tortoise Shell Small - Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Orange Tint for Superior Blue Light Blocking from Gaming PC and Smartphone Glare - Small - Sleep Support
  • PREMIUM NIGHTTIME BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES: The specialized orange-tinted lenses in Night Swannies can block over 99-100% of blue light (400-500nm), significantly reducing screen time glare while providing superior visual clarity
  • INVEST IN BETTER SLEEP: More than just a stylish fit, Night Swannies are exclusively designed to help signal the body to prepare for sleep. Continuously wear at least 2 hours before bedtime for optimal results!
  • A PRACTICAL GIFT FOR PROFESSIONALS AND GAMERS: Surprise your favorite night owl or gamer with a pair of Swannies to help protect them from the glare of their laptop screen, smartphone or gaming PC, especially at night.
  • PAIRS PERFECTLY WITH OUR DAY SWANNIES: Night Swannies are so effective that they are not recommended for continuous use in the daytime, that’s why we have our Day Swannies collections for sunup blue light protection.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We’re so sure you’ll love your Swannies that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.
Recommendation No. 5
99.9% Blue Light Glasses - Computer Glasses - eSports Gaming Glasses Use Anti-Glare & Anti-Fatigue Filters to Help You Sleep Better, Stop Eye Strain, Headaches & Migraines to Look, Feel & Live Better
  • 😴 FALL ASLEEP FASTER - SLEEP LONGER - WAKE REFRESHED - High energy Blue Light reduces your body’s Melatonin (sleep hormone) production, causing insomnia. Sleep ZM blue blockers glasses filter out 99.9% of blue light in the “Melatonin Suppression Zone” (280-510 nm) so your body can produce Melatonin faster, helping you sleep better naturally - without the use of Melatonin pills.
  • 😴 REDUCES EYE STRAIN - HEADACHES - MIGRAINES - Blue Light reduces digital contrast making it harder for your eyes to focus - resulting in tired eyes and eyestrain. Sleep ZM’s special “deep amber orange” lens significantly increases digital contrast, making it easier for your eyes to focus and relax. Sleep ZM migraine glasses block 99.9% of FL-41 targeted 480-520 nm blue light
  • 😴 PROTECTS YOUR EYES FROM DAMAGE - MACULAR DEGENERATION – Studies show continued exposure to Blue Light damages your retinal cells and prematurely age’s your eye tissue. Sleep ZM lenses protect your eyes with UV 400 technology normally found in sunglasses; reduce eye irritation with ANTI - GLARE technology; and protect your eyes from irreversible tissue damage with ANTI-RADIATION technology.
  • 😴 LOOK & FEEL YOUR BEST - DAY & NIGHT – Women and men both tell us they look and feel better every day (and night) because they enjoyed a good night’s sleep after wearing their fashionable new Sleep ZM blu blocker glasses at work & play; at home, at the office or on the go.
  • 😴 LIVE HEALTHIER - BETTER - LONGER - Scientific studies prove a good night’s sleep helps you live a better, longer life in many ways: we’re smarter when we need to be; maintain a healthier body weight; perform better at work, sports and our daily lives; we’re stronger emotionally, mentally, and physically. Don’t settle for less, or pay more for glasses without the style, technology and the maximum 99.9% blue light blocking protection of Sleep ZM brand glasses.
Recommendation No. 6
Blue Light Blocking Glasses by ELEMENT LUX - 99% Amber Blue Blocker Glasses - For Better Sleep, Eye Strain, Migraine Relief, Gaming, Computer Screen Filter - Men and Women (Large-XL)
  • Why Amber? There are clear blue blocker glasses and amber ones. But what’s the difference? Well, clear blue light filter glasses only block up to 30% of blue light, while Amber glasses block over 99%. So, if you want a better night’s sleep and less eye strain, go amber!
  • For a Good Night's Sleep: Nighttime entertainment should relax us, but the blue light of laptops, phones, TV’s and lighting around our home is stimulating. It stops organic melatonin production, and elevates cortisol. Now, when you wear our Element LUX Glasses in the hours before bed, you can enjoy entertainment AND a good night's sleep!
  • Eyestrain Relief and UV400 Protection: UV400 Coating protects your eyes from all harmful UV Rays(A, B, and C). Our high quality amber lenses protect you from Blue Light spectrum rays (400-500nm). Together, alongside a comfortable and stylish design, you can experience more eyestrain relief and better sleep.
  • Easy-Wear Style: For those of us who need uncompromised bluelight protection, we made Element LUX in an Aviator style, which offers MORE coverage than other blue blocking glasses! Frames are made from flexible and durable TR90 (used by top sunglass brands) so they contour to your face comfortably.
  • With Free Sleep Guide: You, like us, care about proper sleep and your health, so you also get a free sleep guide to help you get the best rest! Your bluelight blocker glasses for women and men also come with a travel case and microfiber cloth. So if you’re ready to take back your sleep without sacrificing your screen time, try Element LUX risk free.
Recommendation No. 7
Blue Blocking Glasses -for Sleep -Block 99.9% Blue & Green Light (400nm - 580nm) -PaleoTech® Dark Therapy Lens -Fall Asleep Faster -Optimize Hormones -Calm Eyes & Headaches
283 Customer Reviews
Blue Blocking Glasses -for Sleep -Block 99.9% Blue & Green Light (400nm - 580nm) -PaleoTech® Dark Therapy Lens -Fall Asleep Faster -Optimize Hormones -Calm Eyes & Headaches
  • Block 99.9% of the full spectrum of blue and green light (400nm to 580nm) for better sleep. WHY RED? Studies show that green light disrupts sleep just like blue light and our PaleoTech red lens blocks both. Orange lenses don’t block green light.
  • DARK THERAPY: Is the process of greatly reducing exposure to any light during the hours before sleep. This is done to prevent the breakdown of melatonin by blue (and green) light, which is an important hormone involved in regulating the bodily circadian rhythm. Our eyewear offers a novel approach to dark therapy for sleep because they are designed to block 92% of total light as well as 99.9% blue and green light. Darkness improves sleep.
  • IMPROVED CIRCADIAN RHYTHM: This is the goal. It has been shown to benefit nearly all aspects of health and recovery. Better sleep is just one important result of improved circadian rhythm. The darkness created by our eyewear is an important component to strengthen this rhythm but it must be accompanied with increased daytime light exposure (bare eyes)to be most effective. For best results a comprehensive strategy should be implemented (refer to diagram).
  • FEEL BETTER NATURALLY - Conditions that show improvement from circadian rhythm regulation include: Sleep Disorders, Weight Management, Sports Performance and Muscular Recovery, Lyme Disease, Infertility, Jet Lag, Anxiety, Diabetes, Postpartum Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Neurodegenerative Disease, Heart Disease, Cancer and other Metabolic Related Diseases and Conditions.
  • Notes: 1. This model is not designed to fit over glasses. 2. These dark lenses are designed to mimic darkness - it’s one of the reasons they are so effective. Therefore, they are quite dark and are best used while relaxing before bed while doing pre-sleep activities like reading. 3. The red colour of the lens may take 10 minutes or more to get used to. 4. Effects are best realized after 7 or more nights of continuous use. 5. 1 or 2 nights is an insufficient test of the products effectiveness.
Recommendation No. 8
THL Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses for Better Sleep - Amber Orange Computer Filter Anti Eye Strain - HEALTH LISTS Extra Large Frame (Black) XL
  • IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP - Enjoy restorative Deep night Sleep and wake up more Refreshed with Blue Light Spectrum Elimination (BLSE) technology from THL Sleep; Wear the glasses before bedtime and they will support Your sleep with 99.5% blockage of Blue Light
  • PROTECT YOUR EYES - Advanced lenses with Anti-Reflective and Anti-Glare coatings will keep Your eyes Relaxed during digital screen time, with less Sensitivity and reduced Eye Strain; Protecting Your eyes from Harmful blue light while letting in maximum amounts of safe light for clear vision and comes with 100% UV protection
  • LOOK YOUR BEST - Fashionable eyewear crafted with the best Quality materials and modern Styles ready for You to use at home, work, or at late night occasions
  • GENUINE ACETATE FRAMES - Enjoy a Perfect fit with reshapable Lightweight acetate frames and Stainless spring hinges; The Premium environmentally friendly alternative used by Luxury brands for its Superior quality
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - THL Sleep offers You a generous 100% satisfaction guarantee for a Risk Free purchase
Recommendation No. 9
AYOlite Light Therapy Glasses | Premium Blue Light Therapy Wearable for Better Sleep, Energy and Wellness | Research-Backed & Expert Endorsed (ABC News, CNN, Forbes, Men’s Health, etc.)
  • ☀️ POWERFUL ENERGIZER - AYO’s premium light therapy glasses safely and gently expose users to beneficial blue-turquoise light. By mimicking the beneficial effect of the sun, AYO helps the body naturally boost energy and alertness without the “help” of energy drinks, caffeine pills, and other unnatural substances!
  • 🌚 ALL-NATURAL SLEEP AID - Achieve better sleep in less than 14 days! Fall asleep faster and wake up easier. The AYO device helps reset your body clock so you can achieve restful sleep and brilliant mornings. Sub out those sleep pills and melatonin supplements for something even more natural!
  • 🌟 EASY-TO-USE - AYO’s glass-like wearable is optimally-designed to sit on your head comfortably like normal sunglasses while allowing you full visibility to do other things. Unlike traditional light therapy boxes and lamps, the one-size-fits-all frame is portable and easy-to-carry whether it’s to the office or another country.
  • ✅ CLINICALLY PROVEN SAFETY & EFFICACY - Based on the latest industry research and expert feedback, AYO optimizes clinical-grade circadian light treatment for easy home use. AYO complies with all international safety directives and has been independently certified for safe consumer use.
  • 👍 PERSONAL GUIDANCE - Not sure how to make the most out of AYO? Reach out to us and we will provide you with personal recommendations on how to improve sleep, energy and mood as well as cope with winter blues, jet lag or prepare for shift work.
Recommendation No. 10
TrueDark Twilights Classic Sleep Hacking Blue/Green/Violet Light Blocking Glasses - Protect Your Eyes from Harmful Computer Junk Light
  • REDUCES EYE STRAIN - TrueDark Twilights lenses are strategically designed based on research and technology using pure, durable, prescription grade polycarbonate lenses. This results in true clarity of light and consistent blockage of harmful blue, green, and violet junk light emissions from electronics during nighttime use, effectively reducing eye strain.
  • UPGRADE YOUR STYLE - with these, anti-reflective, foldable, scratch resistant, polarized, and lightweight glasses, neutrally constructed for both men and women!
  • IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY - TrueDark Twilights are the first and only solution designed to work with melanopsin, a protein in your eyes responsible for absorbing light and sending sleep/wake signals to your brain. Without melanopsin, melatonin can’t be accessed. When you wear your Twilights for as little as 30 min before bed you prevent your melanopsin from detecting the wrong wavelengths of light at the wrong time of day. This supports your circadian rhythm and helps you fall asleep.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR ALL NIGHT USE - TrueDark works so well that users often fall asleep in the glasses! To increase comfort and reduce breakage, the arms are now flexible.
  • ABOUT TRUEDARK - A health and wellness technology brand that is committed to improving health and performance through the use of light. We help the world stop junk light, then recognize and harness healthy light for your sleep-wake cycle, healing, and more. Our products, tools and education help your control the light in your environment. Through the use of patent-pending light blocking/filtering eyewear, our goal is to help you sleep, feel and perform better.

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